Winter Birds


Blue Tit in Winter Blue Tit having a seed

I really enjoyed going back home to my parents over Christmas and getting to see what the cheeky robins were up to in the garden. After a bit of serious coaxing and plenty of food I managed to get them to come right up onto the window ledge, as long as a couple of cagey blue tits. I also managed to get a couple of pictures of them as you can see, which was a bit of a surprise, but it made me mightily pleased with my photography skills and statue like stillness skills (is that a real skill?).

It got me thinking though about what trees provide the best natural food for birds in winter? What Trees do the birds flock to in your garden?

Let us know if they have a special tree, leave us a comment.

In the meantime hope you enjoy my bird pics and hope your new year is going well.

Robin in Damson Tree Garen Robin in my Damson Tree