Tree of the Month February 2011 - Crab Apple Tree

Crab Apples Picking this month’s Tree for our ‘tree of the month’ feature was easy peasy. With February being the ‘love month’...the home of the lovers day, which is valentines, what could be more fitting than picking a tree associated with love? And what is this tree that best fits love I hear you all ask?

Tree of the month February (Lover’s special): The Crab Apple Tree

The Ancient Celts referred to the Crab apple as the tree of love. And the fruit from the crab apple is a gift that keeps on giving year on year. Imagine planting a crab apple tree and being able to harvest the fruit from your tree each year. The crab apple fruit, whilst bitter if eaten raw, is excellent when used in jams, jellies and wines. How brilliant would that be? Making your loved one a batch of jam straight from your crab apple tree, a special Valentine’s Day gift for years to come.

Crab apple trees are the original British apple tree, it blooms white flowers in late Spring and the fruit will be ready for picking in Autumn.

So there you have it, if you’re looking for Valentine’s Day gifts then the crab apple tree might be just what you are looking for

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