Why we need Urban Trees

Urban Trees

Trees have become an important part of the cities that we live in. They provide us with a lifeline back to nature in a world of modernity. The health benefits of trees as well as the beautiful aesthetics they give us are well documented and we now see more and more cities investing in tree planting campaigns.

Benefits of urban trees:

Trees reduce air pollution; they also help to trap pollutants that can be harmful to us. For example particles of dust, ash and smoke that can be harmful to human lungs. They also help to absorb carbon dioxide and other gases and release lovely oxygen in their place.

Having trees in an urban environments helps to avoid flooding and problems with overloaded drains. Trees absorb water and surface run off from storms.

Trees_In_Manchester Trees in Manchester City Centre: They are Important!

Trees also just look pleasant and remind us that we aren’t living in a total concrete jungle. Anyone who has spent long hours working in office can appreciate seeing a couple of trees as they look out the window. Let’s face it without trees, urban landscapes seem a bit stark and desolate to live. Trees add a natural character and splash of colour.

Trees help to encourage biodiversity in our cities. They encourage wildlife and insects and provide a place to live for these little creatures.

Trees for Urban Environments:

Cherry trees and prunus species: Cherry Trees like our Japanese Flowering Cherry and Wild Cherry Tree can do well in urban environments. Cherry Trees bring a lovely bright and flowery presence to our streets in the spring time. There’s nothing better than a lovely shower of cherry petals on your way to work as you walk down the street. Send a Cherry Tree and plant it in an urban environment today.

Hawthorn trees: hawthorn trees (crataegus laevigata) do well in urban environments. They are also said to represent true love and partnership, so lovely to send as a gift to a friend or family member.

If you think we need more trees in cities, why not buy one of dedicate a tree packs and support our chosen tree charity partners.