Blueberry Plants – Growing Blueberries

Blueberry Plants are a wonderful plant to grow in your garden; not only do they produce lovely fruits, but they have wonderful flowers and attractive autumn colouring.

They are perhaps more suited to acidic soils in a fairly sheltered spot. Take care of them and they will bring you a wonderful crop of fresh and tasty blueberries year on year. August is the time for blueberries to fully come into fruit and be ready to pick, so here’s a little guide on growing blueberry plants.

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  • As always, make sure the soil is ready first before planting your blueberries out into the garden; remove all the weeds, pine needles etc.
  • When planting make sure you have room for at least three blueberry plants, they fruit much better when they have pollinating partners.
  • Make sure you don’t plant in an area that is either too sunny or completed shaded. A partially sheltered spot would be best.

General Care:

  • Keep the compost around the blueberry plant moist and don’t let it dry out, but make sure it isn’t in waterlogged conditions.
  • Use a acidic or neutral organic mulch for the blueberry plants in spring and autumn.
  • If plants are not growing very well then a fertilizer is recommended.
  • Blueberry plants are not fully hardy and can be badly affected in winter by the extreme cold and constant wet conditions. In this situation, it’s a good idea to bring blueberries that are in containers into garden shed or similar.

The Blueberry plant blooms late as a natural guard against spring frosts with its fruit ripening from July onwards each year.

There are endless ways to use your crop of blueberries when they are ready too; cakes, pies, ice cream and of course the good old blueberry muffin. We also heartily recommend a handful on our porridge in the morning.