Which Trees Make the Best Wedding Gifts?

Spring is in the air—the birds are singing, the days are getting longer and about 75 percent* of all UK weddings are beginning to take place. From now until early autumn, wedding season sweeps through the nation and weekends at stately homes around the country are gearing up for the lustrous pomp of a marriage ceremony.

While the thought of attending a wedding delights some, others begin to feel overwhelmed and anxious when it comes to purchasing the mandatory wedding gift. True, the wedding industry has evolved in such a way that the happy couple can send round a list of gifts with their wedding invites, but finding something on the list that hasn’t already been purchased by other guests can be quite tricky.

If you’re looking for an original and thoughtful wedding gift with an environmentally-friendly message, I have three words for you: buy a tree.  A tree gift is a sustainable, unique present that could grace the happy couple’s garden or be maintained indoors to provide an inviting, cosy feeling.

The best type of tree to give as a wedding gift would be a tree that could be moved and carried with the couple throughout their life. A potted tree, such as a cherry tree would be an excellent option. Trees that bear fruit or nuts would also make an ideal wedding gift as they could provide the newlyweds with home grown ingredients for desserts and mealtimes.

If you’re looking for a more thoughtful wedding gift idea, consider giving a tree that bears the same type of flowers as the bride’s bouquet. Cherry blossoms, roses and wildflowers are all popular components of bridal bouquets an would each make a lovely reminder of the bride’s bouquet and a charming wedding gift.

You can even choose your gift according to its name. What is a more apt wedding gift than a Blushing Bride Cherry Tree? Not only is the name a wonderful reminder of their special day but it also bears wonderful plumes of blossom throughout the spring.

One of the main attractions of a good wedding gift is something that can be shared and enjoyed with the bride and groom, and while they’re both likely to have a need for a toaster, it doesn’t make for an exciting wedding gift. Give them the option of enlivening their breakfasts with fresh fruit picked from their own tree. We can help you purchase orange and blackberry, blueberry or raspberry plants. A bay tree could be incorporated at other mealtimes—its leaves are often used in cooking to add depth and dimension to soups and stews.

When giving a wedding gift, it is important to purchase a gift that you would feel confident giving. If you know the bride and groom well, you should be able to confidently purchase a tree that you are certain they will love. But, what if you have been invited to a wedding of someone you do not know very well?

If you are only a casual acquaintance, you may want to keep your gift giving basic but classy. Buying a tree could help you achieve this. Everyone likes plants in the house—they provide more oxygen and give them home a cosy feel. Trees that do this well and that would suit being displayed in the home include lemon, lime and orange trees.

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