Why Trees Make Unique Anniversary Gifts

Unique Anniversary Gifts Trees make great anniversary gifts

It can be quite a difficult task trying to find the perfect anniversary present. Whether your shopping for your own partner or friends and family it’s a difficult balance trying to make sure the gift not only fits the year of the anniversary but also for the person.

Not only that, but there are literally hundreds of different gift options out there for you to choose from – making it quite a difficult choice for us when it comes to actually decide what to buy for our family and friends.

So what is it about trees make such great anniversary gifts?

It’s a gift that lasts: Planting a tree is a bit different to sending someone a bunch of cut flowers because when you plant a tree, you’ve got a gift that keeps on growing year on year. For every year you are together, your tree will be right there with you as a growing reminder of your special day not tossed away forgotten in a drawer somewhere.

It’s a gift that keeps on giving: give someone an orange tree or an apple tree and they’ve got an anniversary gift that will deliver delicious fruit year on year.

It’s a gift that’s not the norm: Send a Tree to make a statement. A pair of beautiful Bay Trees would not only look great, but be a great anniversary gift for a foodie loving couple. Bay leaves from the tree straight to the pot – perfect.