Tree Story: Joe's Favourite Apple Tree

Joe's Apple Tree in October Here's me with our apple tree

Autumn is well and truly on the way now; every day on the walk to work I notice the leaves getting redder, their grip loosening and succumbing to the changing weather. And every day I feel the nip of the cold that little more for the 6.30 am wake up.  It’s at this time of year that something funny always happens to me; I get a weird and unexplained sort of feeling, it’s the sort of feeling where you can tell something is wrong but you’re not sure what it could be, so you just carry on about your normal day, yet with a cloud of puzzlement and slight fear. Then, after a sudden jolt, it finally clicks into place; THE APPLES! “Mum.... did you remember to collect the apples” I call her on the phone.

Back at my mum’s house we have a nice big apple tree that’s been there years and years, since before anyone can remember. My granddad, who was a baker, used to make apple pies and apple crumbles galore with its lovely fruit each year. It’s always been a big provider for us; apple crumbles for my sweet tooth and perfect apple stew for the Christmas dinner table. And so, this time of year has become ingrained in my brain as apple time, forever and always! I can sense deep down when it’s coming and I know that I need to remember to remind everyone to not let those beautiful apples go to waste. Yet I know, it is easily done; everyone is so busy at home now, it’s becoming increasingly easy to leave it too leave it a week and the apples fall to the ground, becoming fodder for the bugs or the cold (whichever gets there first).

I can’t help but wonder about all those apples falling to the ground and being forgotten about everywhere. Thinking about my apple tree, I have been inspired to get in touch with family and friends, in a bid to share their tips and recipes for using up apples with you all. I hope I can get together a few really delicious old and new recipes for using up those beauties and I would love to hear from you if you have a recipe of your own that you would like to share with us all, join our Use Your Apples cooking series.

Just remember I will have to taste them all first.

If you've been inspired reading this post to plant your own apple tree or perhaps you fancy reaping the rewards of having apples growing right in your garden or patio, then please have a look at our selection of Apple Trees. Our Bramley Apple Trees are perfect for cooking with, great for crumbles :). On the other hand, if its a sweet taste your after then I would recommend trying the Golden Delicious, they're great and can be eaten straight off the tree. And then finally, for those of you who prefer a sharper taste; The Queen Cox, is still the king..ahem or queen I suppose!