Tree of the Month June - Twisted Olive Tree

The Tree of the month for June is the spectacular Twisted Olive Tree.

The Twisted Stem Olive Tree is a beautiful tree and stands out from most standard olive trees because of the unusual and attractive twisted stem that it features. The stem is grown in such a way to leave a really cool and interesting looking stem – it definitely stands out.

Buy a Twisted Olive Tree Gift Twisted Olive Tree

Olive Trees are an excellent gift to send someone to mark a wedding day, celebrate a birthday or new addition to the family or even wish someone well in their new home. The Olive Tree is an ancient symbol of peace and hope – what a wonderful message for the summer.

And before you ask, yes it is true; you can grow Olive Trees in this country! You just have to be a little careful when taking care of them. Make sure that you protect them from frost and snow: a patio or conservatory would be an ideal place for them. Olive Trees are actually far hardier than you might imagine, they can even live up to 2,000 years.

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