Valentines Day poetry competition update

Hi everyone,

Thanks so much for all the entrants in the annual  Tree2mydoor Valentines day poetry competition. This year we've had such a great response so far and there are still 5 days left to enter. (Enter the Valentines poetry competition)

We've got over 60 up on the website already and probably had over 90 in total that we haven't had a chance to put up yet. It's going to take ages to sift through and choose the best ones... a long night and lots of coffee and some choccy biscuits methinks.

We've been a bit bowled over by the numbers and had some great little gems so far. (certainly been a lot of funny ones) it seems that everyone is being rather creative this year... brilliant all round!

This year we've installed a 'like' button on the poems page, so you can go on and 'like' your friend's poem, or cheekily show your support for your own. Get your friends involved and some extra 'likes'  will certainly help when it comes to picking the best one in a dead heat. See this year's Valentines poems.