Love filled Tree Gifts to end Blue Monday

Send some love with Tree Gifts to end Blue Monday

Blue Monday is known as the saddest day of the entire year and usually falls on the 3rd Monday in January (this year it will be on 16th of January). Was the 16th of January really the saddest day of the year, what do you guys think?

Anyway, January definitely can be a bit of a slog some years definitely, so in light of this we have come up with some Blue Monday busting natural gift ideas for this month.

Top ways to beat the January blues by sending wonderful natural gifts.

Love in a bag: get rid of someone’s January blues by letting them know how much you love them and what better way than send one of our fantastic ‘Love in a Bag’ gift bags? Our ‘Love in a Bag’ wildflower seed gifts contains a lovely mix of red wildflower seeds that can be sown and then enjoyed year upon year, a great alternative to cut flowers and a wonderful way to remind someone of a love you share.

Love in a bag seed gift Send some love with our 'Love in a Bag' seed gifts


Sunshine in a bag: Spread some sunshine and with our fantastic ‘sunshine in a bag’ seed gift. Like the ‘Love in a bag’ our sunshine gifts can be sown and will come back year on year, a great alternative to sending cut flowers and a more eco-friendly one too. Our sunshine seed bags give you lovely golden/yellow colouring.

Citrus Trees: Citrus trees are just fantastic! They fruit up to four times per year (in December/Jan too), have a gorgeous smell to them and are great in cooking/cocktails. The citrus fruits also have lots of lovely Vit C to help with colds in January.

Garden fruit trees: Most fruit trees are dormant at the moment, so it’s a perfect time for them to be planted out in the garden, ready to bring years and years of fruit enjoyment. A lovely idea to send as a gift to cheer someone up this January.