Tree Care in Winter

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Christmas Tree in the Snow

With all the severe weather we've already had this December, and with more on the way this week. I thought it would be a great idea to do a blog post all about how to look after trees in winter. Stay tuned for a more in depth guide about gardening in winter, with the focus on trees. So here we are a couple of tips to keep in mind this December...

  • With all the Snow and Ice, tree planting directly is not really recommended (or even possible with the solid ground). Instead if you receive a tree, you can either  re-pot it into a bigger pot or If it’s a deciduous tree then you could store it safely in a cool dark place like a garage until a better time. Have a look at our how to re-pot a tree video.
  • If you are choosing trees for your garden, then a good idea would be to look up what trees are native to your area, as these will probably be hardier and used to the conditions. Have a look at to find out which trees are native
  • Next time there is a frost, go out into your garden and have a look around for really frosty spots. Cold air and frost always clings around the lowest points in the garden, so avoid planting the more delicate trees here.
  • If you are expecting a really harsh frost it would be a good idea to bundle some bubble wrap around the pot. This will help insulate the roots, and can provide essential protection for young and developing trees.
  • If you choose to place your tree in a pot then a terracotta type pot may be a better choice than one made from metal. They will be more resistant to the effects of the frost .

As always, if you want up-to-date help and advice about purchasing trees or care advice for the trees that you have already received then join us over on twitter for a chat. It's ; see you over there !

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