Top 5 Unusual Christmas Gifts

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The same old gifts just don’t cut it anymore, so give loved ones a gift that is out of the ordinary this Christmas! We know it’s easier said than done, we really do. Tree2mydoor is here to help with a list of our Top 5 Unusual Christmas Gifts

Our unique gifts are living, lasting, full of meaning, and ever so unique. Rest assured, friends and family will love receiving them this Christmas.


Unusual Christmas Gift Ideas from Tree2mydoor


Christmas Lemon Tree Zing


Lemon Tree Gift

Your friends and family will never suspect our Lemon Tree Gift. This dainty tree livens up indoor spaces with its evergreen leaves. Sweet-scented blossom and bright yellow lemons can grow in any season - even during bleak winter months.

Picking homegrown lemons from slicing and squeezing for drinks and recipes is truly fulfilling. 

Who would have guessed it, a Lemon Tree for Christmas?

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O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree


Scots Pine Tree Gift

Give a great gift that lasts a lifetime and can be used every Christmas. Our Scots Pine Christmas Tree is treasured for its strong shape and refreshing scent. Its evergreen needle leaves have the most exquisite colour and appearance all-year-round. 

It arrives with a height of 40-60cm and is all wrapped up in a cute hessian bag.

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A Whole New Twist On An Orange In Your Stocking


Orange Tree Gift

Send our Orange Tree Gift to a loved one for Christmas, they’ve probably never been given one before. This gorgeous living gift has lush leaves all-year-round and can grow sweet-scented blossom and succulent oranges in any season. Nothing is more fulfilling for stomach and mind than picking homegrown oranges for slicing, juicing, and squeezing. 

We also offer Satsuma trees and Tangerine trees

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Jolly Christmas Holly Gift


Christmas Holly Tree Gift

Friends and family might be familiar with seeing holly at Christmas, but with our Christmas Standard Holly Tree Gift, they can have it all-year-round. 

This small ornamental tree has a slender trunk and a ball of spiky, evergreen leaves. It arrives with a height of 90-95cm in a pot and hessian gift-wrapping with a festive red ribbon 

It is ideal for placing on a patio or doorstep - a most welcome sight to come home to. 

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Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree Gift


Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree

Find the perfect Christmas gift in our naturally beautiful Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree. This plant will enrich the homes of loved ones over the festive season and could even be a replacement for the Christmas tree (with some added fairy lights).

While it’s slightly more tropical than our native holly tree, this plant is perfect for friends and family living in apartments or for people with no garden. The riot of lush leaves turns interior spaces into urban jungles and as the plant happily removes toxins from the air, this unusual Christmas gift really is a breath of fresh air.

Delivered in a recycled plastic pot and standing approximately 3ft in height, this plant makes an impact on delivery.

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Send an unusual Christmas present and it will always be remembered. Make sure to place your order early to avoid any disappointment, Christmas is a busy time for everyone but especially the couriers. 

Browse the rest of our Unique Christmas Gifts and Stocking Fillers over on our site and add a personalised greetings card to wish friends and family a happy holiday.


We hope you’ve enjoyed this unusual gift guide and that you have a wonderful time celebrating with loved ones over the festive season.

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