Citrus Trees for Christmas

Posted by Ella Dooly on

Lime for Christmas Delicious limes just in time for Christmas, tasty!

We have a lovely range of Citrus trees in stock that are just superb as christmas gifts. Despite it perhaps seeming a tad unlikely, the wonderfully exotic citrus trees are in fact in fruit at this time of year and we can confirm that they look fabulous right now. They are chock a block with delicious fruits, nearly ready for your consumption come Christmas.

Sending a citrus tree is a bit of an unusual idea for a Christmas gift, but that doesn't necessarily mean it's not a brilliant one. The zest from an orange tree for example is used in many Christmas scents and will probably be a familiar smell, plus remember a tangerine in your Christmas stocking as a kid? This is what it's all about.

Apart from Holly Trees perhaps, Citrus trees like our lovely lime tree have been our most loved trees for Christmas. Always a firm favourite throughout the year also, but considering they are one of the few trees to actually bare fruit in winter they are especially favoured.

Citrus trees, like our lemon tree or our orange tree are classed as indoor trees, however this doesn't mean that they should really be directly in the house, for example in the living room. Instead your citrus trees are best in a sheltered porch or a conservatory where they receive plenty of light throughout the year. When it rolls around to summer time then you can keep your citrus trees outside (but be very careful you don't need me to tell you how mad the British weather is). If you plan on sending a citrus tree for Christmas this year, then it might be a plan to get a pot of winter citrus feed. This is specially designed to help them grow and develop well during the colder winter months.

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