The Ultimate Christmas Tree Care Guide

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Whether you choose a real Christmas tree every year or this is the first time, you’ll want to make sure your tree lasts from the day it goes up right through until the new year!

With our Ultimate Christmas Tree Care Guide, we’ll show you how to look after your tree and keep it fresher for longer.


Cut Christmas Tree Care

Nordmann Fir TreeCut Christmas Trees no longer have access to their water supply which, in turn, leads to them drying out and dropping their needles. Don’t let this put you off getting one though, there are plenty of ways to make sure your tree gets enough water to keep it happy and healthy right through the holiday season.


The most popular and effective way of keeping a cut Christmas tree watered is to use a reservoir stand. This type of stand allows the tree to sit with the base of the trunk submerged in water.


Choosing the correct stand is important, make sure to go for one that has a reservoir big enough to hold an adequate amount of water - depending on the size of the tree, they can drink up to one to two pints of water every day!



Once you’ve got your tree and stand you’re ready to go.


Our trees are packed in netting and a woven plastic bag. So as soon as it’s received it can be taken out of the netting and unpacked over the top of the outer bag so that any loose needles are caught and the clean up is easy peasy.

Cut trees leak sap from the base of the trunk which can create a plug that limits the amount of water intake. Just like when you receive a bunch of cut flowers you need to cut a small section from the base of the trunk.

Saw off around half an inch from the base to allow for sufficient water intake. Most trees can last a couple of hours after the fresh cut has been made but to make sure it doesn’t create another plug we would suggest putting it in some fresh water as soon as possible.

There are many rumours floating around that drilling holes in the base of the truck will increase the amount of water the tree can intake. However, there is no evidence to support this is true so this step can be skipped.

Christmas Tree Location

Next, you will need to choose the location of your tree. Choose a space in the house that is away from any direct sources of heat. This can include anything from radiators, fireplaces and even direct sunlight.

Placing the tree next to a heat source is a sure fire way of speeding up the drying process and will make the tree lose its needles much faster. Even fairy lights that emit a higher heat and effect this.


Putting the Christmas Tree Up

Place your tree in the stand and fill it up enough to submerge the base of the trunk. Plain tap water is absolutely fine to use for the tree.

Again, there are many rumours that adding extras such as vinegar and syrup to the water will help the tree last much longer. Unfortunately, there is no real evidence behind this.


Keep the Tree Watered

Christmas Tree NeedlesCheck the amount of water in the stand daily and don’t let the level drop below the base of the tree. Placing a watering can or jug next to the tree is a nice little reminder to fill it up each day.

Has your tree started to look a little droopy and wilted? This is due to dehydration and means you will need to check the stand for low levels of water. Top the stand up to cover the base of the trunk and your tree will perk up in no time at all!

Looking after your tree properly will ensure it looks its best for the duration of the Christmas season.

We have a wide range of Christmas Trees ready to be delivered right to your door, from saplings to 5ft trees and 10ft trees we have something to suit any location.


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