The Ultimate Christmas Tree Care Guide

**Updated 2019

Christmas celebrations are that bit better with a real Christmas tree. The festive scent of pine needles fills the living room getting everyone in the mood for the big day.

Tree2mydoor is here to help you keep your Christmas tree fresh and healthy throughout the holidays and right up to another Christmas. Follow our Real Christmas Tree Care Guide for some helpful care tips.


How to Care for a Cut Christmas Tree


Choosing your Tree

Christmas Trees in a FieldYou can do this by pinching a branch between your fingers and pulling gently or shaking the tree - a healthy tree will not lose many needles whereas one that is drying will lose plenty. Don’t worry if you find a few dry brown needles as his is a part of the tree’s natural lifecycle. Always check the freshness of a Christmas tree before buying it. A quality tree is easier to care for than one that isn’t in good shape. 

Once you have chosen your tree, give it a drink of water. Cut Christmas Trees soon dry out as they can’t access water from the soil. However, there are ways to get your tree to drink water.

The most popular and effective way of keeping a cut Christmas tree watered is to use a reservoir stand, allowing the base of the trunk to be submerged in water.  

Choosing the correct stand is important, make sure to go for one that has a reservoir big enough to hold an adequate amount of water - depending on the size of the tree, they can drink up to one to two pints of water every day!


Once you’ve got your tree and stand you’re ready to go.

9ft Nordmann Fir Tree

Our trees are packed in netting and a woven plastic bag. As soon as it’s received it can be taken out of the netting and unpacked over the top of the outer bag. Any loose needles can be caught in the outer bag for an easy clean up. 

Cut trees leak sap from the base of their trunk which can create a plug that limits water intake. You can remedy this by cutting a small section from the base of the trunk.

Saw off around half an inch from the base of the tree to allow for sufficient water intake. Most trees can last a couple of hours after the fresh cut has been made but to make sure it doesn’t create another plug we would suggest putting it in some fresh water as soon as possible, at least within 24 hours.

Some people advise drilling holes into base of the trunk to help increase the tree’s intake of water. However, there isn’t much evidence to support this advice - it is, in fact, the outer layers of bark that absorbs the most water, 

Choosing the Right Location

Next, you will need to choose a location to place your tree. Choose a space in the house that is away from any direct sources of heat. This can include anything from radiators, fireplaces, and even direct sunlight.

Nordmann Fir Tree Needles

Placing your tree next to a heat source will speed up the drying process and make its needles fall much sooner. Even strong fairy lights can emit enough heat to affect your tree. A dry tree can also pose as a fire hazard so keeping it fresh also keeps it safe.


Putting the Christmas Tree Up

Place your tree in its stand and fill it with enough water to submerge the trunk - plain tap water will do.

There are claims that adding vinegar and syrup to the water helps keep it fresh, but there really isn’t any solid evidence to support this claim. 


Keep your Tree Watered

Check that the water levels in your stand don’t drop below the section of cut trunk daily and top it up if necessary. Placing a watering can or jug next to the tree is a good reminder. 

If your tree is dry, wilting, or drooping, it is dehydrated and needs a drink of water. Top the stand up to cover the base of the trunk and your tree will perk up in no time at all!

Looking after your tree properly will ensure it looks its best for the duration of the Christmas season.