Sapphire 45th Anniversary Gift Guide

Are you feeling a little blue? 

If you are, then we hope that our Sapphire anniversary gift guide might be the answer that you’re looking for. Our collection of 45th-anniversary gifts have been selected for their blue hue and because they make beautiful gifts for the people who are celebrating major marriage milestones in their lives!


Blueberry Plant Gift, £42.00

Blueberry Plant Gift

Perhaps the most obvious choice that you will find in this list is the lovely Blueberry Plant. Producing not only the fruit that we all know and love but also beautiful white blossoms. Our varieties produce lush green foliage throughout the summer months, while in autumn the leaves transform into a fiery array of red and orange.

Our Blueberry Plant is the ideal gift for berry enthusiasts and at-home cooks, as this plant is self-fertile and will easily produce bounties of berries each year in the warmer months. It is good to know that Blueberry plants prefer to grow in a collection of bushes, so you could buy a couple to go together in the garden!


Blue Wisteria Tree Gift, £49.99


blue wisteria gift


For those who are looking for something a little more fantastical, the Blue Wisteria Tree is a really exciting gift idea. Our ‘Golden King’ variety is a fast-growing climber, so it’s a great way to add height, dimension and colour to an outdoor space. Plus the vibrant blue blooms are a wonderful way to commemorate a Sapphire 45th wedding anniversary.

Wisteria is hardy by nature, making them a great gift for someone no matter what their skill level is in the garden. They should be grown on a trellis, wall or pergola which is something to keep in mind when choosing the Blue Wisteria as a gift, doing this will allow the fragrance of the blooms to fill gardens with a wonderful sweet smell.


Anniversary Tree Gift Pack, £40.00

Anniversary Tree Gift Pack

If you’re looking for a truly timeless gift, then we recommend the Anniversary Tree Gift Pack. Our gift packs come with a huge choice of trees, all of which can grow and thrive in a garden for generations to come, a wonderful reminder of such a special anniversary. 

Whether your preference is the mighty Oak or the Crab Tree of love, our collection of trees are fully hardy in the British climate and are delivered with a personalised plaque and plinth. This makes them a really special gift for those who are celebrating a Sapphire 45th anniversary.


Blue Blossom Ceanothus Bush Gift, £29.99

Blue Blossom Ceanothus Gift

The Blue Blossom Ceanothus is an evergreen dream! The deep green foliage will make sure that outdoor spaces are looking lovely, no matter what time of the year it is and the blue flowers are what make this shrub so special. This bush is a big favourite of the bees and bugs too, so it’s a real winner in the warmer months.

This shrub is mostly hardy in the UK, so it is fairly easy to care for, it does need a little extra protection in harsh winters though as this can cause damage to the evergreen leaves. Our variety can bloom in spring and summer, meaning that the bright blue blooms may be appreciated for a good chunk of the year.


Lavender Plant Gift, £25.00

lavender plant gift

For a rewarding gift, our lovely Lavender Gift is a great way to bring a bit of the Mediterranean home! This lovely tree gift will produce homegrown, fresh lavender all year-round which is great for use in the home and particularly in the kitchen.

Blue flowers bloom in the warmer months, but our varieties of Lavender keep their evergreen colour through-out the year, making them a great way to bring life into any space. Therefore, we believe that the Lavender Tree is a really iconic way to celebrate a Sapphire wedding anniversary.


So there we have it! Our Sapphire Anniversary favourites, to complete your gift you can add a personalised card at the checkout and then have it delivered directly to the recipients door.