Sapphire Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Celebrate a huge milestone of 45 years of marriage with our Sapphire Anniversary Gifts. Browse our range of trees, plants, and rose bushes that are wonderful to send as a 45th Anniversary Gift.

We also have a few interesting facts about what occurred during this iconic time of the '70s that we believe will bring a smile to those who find them nostalgic.

What happened in 1977?

To mark such a special occasion, why not take a look at the past and the interesting events that transpired during that memorable year? We gathered the most iconic and recognisable for you to delve into!

Back in ‘77: The Facts


Abba Music Video

I’m sure the Abba fans already know this, but did you know this was the year that the iconic song ‘Knowing me, knowing you’ was released? It was an instant smash hit and was the top song of the year in 1977!

morph character

Now, this is a throwback! Does anyone remember watching this cute little fella as a kid? I know I do, and I’m a 2000’s kid! Morph makes his first debut in ‘77 on the then popular children's television show; ‘Take Hart’, which was all about teaching different art to kids around the UK. 

chris martin coldplay

We all know and love the group Coldplay, they release some of the catchiest and most meaningful music to date! Did you know that the group's leader, Chris Martin, was born in 1977? I’m sure the big Coldplay fans already do!


45th Anniversary Gift Ideas

What a blast to the past that was, we hope it resonated with a few of you, even if you didn’t get married in that year! To pair with this, we also offer some of the most unique 45th Anniversary Gifts for you to browse while listening to Abba!:


Blueberry Plant Gift



blueberry gift


Treat that special someone on your 45th Anniversary to our delicious Blueberry Plant Gift! A fruiting plant with unending generosity with its everlasting supply of bountiful berries, It's a comfort to know the person you give this gift to will have such natural beauty in their home and a sweet treat to add to baking delights in the kitchen. 


Lavender Plant Gift



lavender gift


Send a gorgeous Lavender Bush Gift to the soulmate you care about for this milestone. The lavender plant is known as the queen of flowers because it has been used in religious ceremonies since ancient times, and its colour can symbolise femininity which makes this bush a perfect decoration at home for the wife on your 45th Wedding Anniversary!


Susan Magnolia Tree Gift


Susan Magnolia Tree
The Susan Magnolia Tree Gift is a beautiful addition to any small garden for a pair of lovers in their Sapphire year! Once the wonderful pink blossom emerges, it is shortly followed by pretty, dainty petals and large, mid-green leaves. Another perfect gift for the Mrs!