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Today's bout of bad weather has snuck up on us. The last few days have been warm and dry, so I wasn't quite expecting rain this heavy and prolonged. And while its not forecast to last long, substantial summer rainfall can still have a detrimental effect on plants and trees, especially if they are being grown in pots and planters.

Pot growing trees and plants is incredibly useful as it allows you to create a miniature environment that can be tailored to the needs of the plant. But on the flip side, that miniature environment can be more susceptible to extreme weather conditions; pots dry out quicker in hot weather, can need protection from frost in winter and of course can become waterlogged in wet weather.

plants in rain


But with a little forethought, you can give your pot grown plants a much better chance of riding out downpours. Here are our top tips for wet weather plant care:

  • Always choose pots and planters with drainage holes. This is essential! Without drainage holes, you can almost guarantee that plants will become waterlogged and roots will rot.
  • Choose a high quality potting soil to fill containers . Quality potting soils usually have organic matter mixed through them specifically to improve the drainage.
  • Mixing some perlite through your potting soil before you plant will also help to improve drainage throughout the pot, making water-logging less likely.
  • If the pots are small enough to be moved, rearrange them to suit the weather conditions. In very wet weather, move plants under cover until the rain has past and the compost has had a chance to dry out a bit. Even the shadow of a wall will help.
  • If pots are sat on a patio that does not drain well, don't leave them sitting in puddle! Move onto a higher surface to allow water to trickle away.



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