Potted Plant Gifts

We have a wide range of potted plant gifts perfect to send to friends and family. From dwarf fruit trees to large bay trees, we have varieties of all shapes and sizes that are perfect for adding that bit of extra greenery right where it’s needed.


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Send Potted Plants as Gifts

Our potted plant gift ideas are a fantastic option for people that don't have a lot of outdoor space available. They stay at a manageable size and are easy to move around if you like to change up your garden's style every once in awhile.

Add some extra zest to your life with one of our citrus trees. They make wonderful indoor trees when kept in the right conditions. Well suited to porches and airy conservatories, the blossoms from any of our citrus varieties will fill the air with a heavenly scent and they can fruit up to 4 times a year. They're amazing trees for so many reasons!

If you cant get enough of the Mediterranean flavour, we have bay and olive trees just waiting for you to take them home. Available as singles or pairs and with different stem styles to choose from, they're gifts that will definitely impress. Great to use in the kitchen and as they're evergreen they'll have the garden looking fresh all year round too.

Growing fruit in a small garden is easier than ever and you can do it right on your patio with our dwarfing fruit trees. They can be kept in their pot for lifetime growing and stay at a compact size while still producing a ton of fruit.

Pair your plant gift with a stylish plant pot from our collection. They're perfect for protecting your plant during the cold frosty winters and make the plant look amazing all at the same time.

Order before 11am today and get next day delivery to UK and Irish address. Add a personalised greetings card to your order at no extra charge.