Why has Tree2mydoor lost our tree?


Anyone who visits our website on the 3rd of March 2021 might stop suddenly and notice something a little odd... we've lost our tree from our company logo.

Tree2mydoor logo #Worldwithoutnature

Tree2mydoor is supporting the campaign to raise awareness about the grave risks associated with nature loss for our planet. This year the campaign that is ran by WWF and Voice4Planet is challenging people to stop and think about a World without nature. It is not just rhetoric, the changes that our planet is going through are real and we are pledging to continue to do our small bit by continuing to green the gift industry.

For World Wildlife Day (3 March 2021) the Voice for the Planet coalition (which includes the WWF, World Economic Forum, UNICEF, Conservation International, Earth Hour, and The Nature Conservancy) is running an activation encouraging companies, NGOs and sports teams to remove nature from their branding for a day. This day of action aims to highlight the dramatic loss of biodiversity globally and the social and economical risks that it poses.

Please help support this campaign too and give your voice here panda.org/voice plus look out for these hash tags on social media... #WorldWithoutNature #WorldWildlifeDay