Our Work with Salisbury Hospice Charity

It has been a really exciting few weeks for the hardworking employees and volunteers at the Salisbury Hospice Charity. If you haven’t seen already, on Saturday 21st March, a group of amazing volunteers completed a celebratory charity walk to ‘step out in solidarity’, commemorating the losses and celebrating the resilience over the last two years.

Celebration Walk Salisbury

The Hospice provides vital care for patients with life-limiting illnesses, and the money raised will help to fund their important work. The group set off early in the morning, and walked for over ten miles in support of the Hospice. Throughout the walk, they were supported by friends and family, who cheered them on and provided much-needed refreshments. They are now planning to take on even bigger challenges in order to support this important cause.

salisbury hospice charity

Much has changed over the past two years for everyone around the globe, so why not recognise and celebrate the small victories and significant losses? The pandemic changed humanity in general, and the Salisbury Charity hospice had wished to acknowledge this fact and show that people have come out of the dark age of the 20th century stronger than ever! And what better way to achieve this than gathering as a wonderful community, and collectively looking towards the brighter future, whilst raising much-needed funds for Salisbury Hospice.

salisbury charity hospice celebration walk

Well, we at Tree2mydoor were here to add to the cause and join in the celebration of perseverance and growth. 150 of our Silver Birch Tree saplings were gifted to the hospice to use as 'living medals' for each of the walkers that completed the walk, for them to take home and plant their victory over the pandemic and watch it bloom over the years. A breathing and living reminder of triumph.


For further information concerning the amazing work that Salisbury Hospice Charity find them here: https://www.salisburyhospicecharity.org.uk/