July Gift Ideas

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Our July Gifts Guide is here to bring you a collection of tree and plant gifts perfect for sending throughout the summer months. All these gifts are perfect to send as July Birthday Gifts and for many other occasions such as anniversaries and weddings. Opt to send a unique growing gift that is perfect for the season.

Our unique July Gift Ideas are currently flourishing and will brighten up someone’s day and their garden for years to come. Browse our choice of trees and plants that look stunning throughout the month of July and will last a lifetime.


July Birthday Gift Ideas


Double Stem Corkscrew Bay Tree Gift




A large, evergreen bay tree with a double helix stem, easy to look after and perfect for the novice gardener. Stylish and contemporary with fragrant leaves used in cooking. Delivered gift wrapped in a 12L pot.


Double Stem Corkscrew Bay Tree

Our tree featured for July is the stunning Double Stem Corkscrew Bay Tree. The intertwined stem is made up from two bay trees that have been hand nurtured and twisted around one another. Perfect for the wedding season this tree is the perfect symbolic representation of two people coming together.

Bay laurel leaves are most aromatic throughout the summer as this is when the essential oils within the leaves are at their highest. The best time for harvesting is in the morning after all the dew has evaporated from the leaves.

Our twisted bays aren’t just great for wedding gifts but perfect for birthdays too. If someone you know has a birthday this month and they’re really into their cooking then this will be the ultimate gift to send to them on their special day. Not only is this tree useful in the kitchen but it’s stylish for the garden too. Fragrant evergreen leaves are extra bushy and the stem just looks divine.

Bay trees are quite easy to look after. They are slow growing and barely need anything in regards to pruning apart from in the summer when they grow more. They are more drought tolerant than other plants and will thrive in a UK garden.

Delivery Tip: This is one of our larger trees and is delivered in a 12L pot, have it sent straight to the recipient so they can unbox it and get it out in their garden straight away.

The Birthday Rose Bush Gift


A unique flowering shrub that can be planted both in beds and containers, perfect for small to medium gardens. Lemon cream blooms bring colour and light fragrance through summer. Delivered gift wrapped in a 3L pot with a choice of greetings cards.

Birthday Rose Bush Gift

Look no further for the perfect July birthday gift. The Birthday Rose Bush Gift is a named variety that is ideal to send to friends and family who have their birthdays in July. Not only does the name give this rose bush the perfect meaning but the month-long blooming period will be right on their birthday year after year.

The rose is a floribunda variety and will flower all summer long bringing a mass of colour and blooms just like an everlasting bunch of flowers. This is the perfect plant to have in the garden or growing in the pot on the patio to enjoy for years to come.

The rose bush is delivered in a 3L pot that has been carefully hand wrapped in complimentary coloured gift wrap. Add a card to your order with a choice of personal message and we will do the rest.


Lemon Tree Gift


A fabulous citrus tree that will produce fruit up to 4 times a year. Hand selected for the highest quality and delivered gift wrapped in a 5L pot. Perfect for bright airy conservatory or hallway.

Lemon Tree Gift

Send a scrumptious Lemon Tree Gift for a birthday in July. The zesty fruits are a delight to the senses and the tree is super productive often fruiting and flowering up to 4 times a year!

As lemon trees are usually from shores much warmer than our own, when grown in the UK they don’t tend to follow a specific fruiting season. Mostly fruiting in winter the trees will continue to ripen into the spring meaning the recipient will have lemons to hand to pick on their birthday. Just in time for a birthday G&T or maybe even a delicious lemon birthday cake.

Our Lemon varieties are established trees in 5L pots and of extremely high quality. They will brighten up a conservatory or porch with colourful fruits and zesty fragrances.


Delivery Tip: Once delivered the tree should be kept indoors away from central heating and radiators. Ensure tree has good light and air ventilation. Once the weather warms into summer it can be placed outside.

Stella Cherry Tree Gift


A fruiting cherry tree grafted onto a colt rootstock. Easy to look after and ideal for a medium to large garden. Delivered in a 10L pot wrapped in a natural hessian bag.

Stella Cherry Tree

If there’s one thing that the Stella Cherry Tree is known for is that it is able to produce a massive crop of sweet, delicious cherries. The fruits are deep red almost black in colour and they ripen from mid-July onwards. What more could you want on your birthday?

This tree can be planted out into the garden and as it is grafted onto a colt rootstock it will grow to a height of 3-5m (10-16ft). This makes is the perfect addition for medium and large sized gardens where the tree can grow happily to its full size.

The Stella cherry variety is more tolerant to frosty conditions so is perfect for UK gardens, especially northern ones when kept in a sheltered sunny spot. The cherries produced are sweet and are popular within desserts. They are sweet enough to be eaten fresh or cooked into a delicious cherry pie, the choice is yours! If you know someone with a birthday coming up and they look baking, cooking and all things fruity then this is the tree gift for them!

Delivery Tip: A larger tree that should be placed in the garden as soon as it is received. Within a week of delivering the tree can be planted out into the garden ready for the fruit to ripen.

Enkan Japanese Maple Tree Gift


A compact Acer palmatum with stunning red foliage, easy to look after and perfect for a shaded garden. Delivered gift wrapped in a 3L pot.

Enkan Japanese Maple Tree

The Enkan Japanese Maple Tree is an Acer palmatum with delicate burgundy coloured foliage. The new leafy summer growth throughout July will grow through a bright green colour that really offsets the older deep red foliage.

A shady spot in the garden will suit this tree perfectly and as it grows to a height of 2m (6ft) and is suitable for small gardens and patio growing in a large container. The graceful, delicate leaves will draw the eye adding style and flare to the garden.

Why is this the perfect gift for a July birthday I hear you ask? The contrasting colours from the new to old offset each other beautifully and the bright red colour of the leaves throughout July are particularly magnificent. Not only does this tree make the ideal birthday gift but it’s interesting gift ideas to send for Ruby Wedding Anniversary too!

Delivery Tip: More and more new leaves on the Enkan Japanese Maple will start to unfurl. The tree can be delivered directly to the recipient and placed out in the garden to be enjoyed by all.

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