Top 5 Mother’s Day Plant Gifts

Looking for a special Mother’s Day Gift Idea? Have a look at our Mothers Day Plants Gifts. Spring is most definitely underway and with the recent sunny weather that the UK has enjoyed, we have been delighted to see that many of our blossom trees are budding and blooming now and we are seeing green shoots on our lovely rose bushes too.

Mother’s Day 2022 falls on Sunday the 27th of March which means it's only a few short weeks that practically all of our tree and plant gifts will be bursting back into life. Check out our super quick Mothers Day Plants Guide below to help you choose the best gifts to send to your mum this Mother’s Day.


Mothers Day Plants Delivered

Special Mum Rose Bush Gift


Special Mum Rose Bush Blooms

A low maintenance rose bush that will add colour to beds and borders or be grown in a pot. Delivered gift wrapped directly to mum ready to bloom within 8-10 weeks. 

Our Special Mum Rose Bush has bright pink blooms and is the perfect gift for the most special woman in your life. Our rose bushes are starting to grow fresh, new, green leaves and the buds will be bursting to life in just a few short weeks. The special mum rose is a fragrant floribunda variety and will have the garden dancing in delight as soon as the buds burst to life revealing their bright pink petals. Mum can expect the rose bush to be in full colour from late June onward.

You can choose from a wide selection of Mother's Day Rose Bushes that will be perfect this Mother's Day to make your mum feel extra special.


Pink Blueberry Plant Gift


Pink Blueberry Plant Fruits for Mothers Day

In March, the Pink Blueberry Bush will be just about starting to show some new fresh growth with the interesting blossom soon to follow around April and May. Low maintenance and perfect for container growing on a decking or patio.

If your Mum is a foodie, likes the idea of herself growing fruit or baking with her own fruit, then consider sending your mum one of our fruit bushes. All grown here in England and of the highest quality. These Mothers Day Plant gifts will keep on giving year after year.

The Pink Lemonade Blueberry Plant is the ultimate gift for mum this Mother’s Day. The bush produces vivid fuschia coloured berries that are sweet tasting like lemonade, hence the name. All of our blueberry plants are coming into leaf now and their unique blossoms will be opening within the next couple of weeks.


Tea Plant Gift


Tea Plant Camellia Sinensis

A leafy evergreen plant with a new flush of spring leaves ready to grow from April onwards. Delivered in a gift wrapped 2.5L pot the tea plant will add colour to patios and small gardens.

It seems like every mum we know just loves a good cup of tea. If your mum is one of these then the Tea Plant Gift will be the perfect gift for her. The Camellia sinensis is evergreen and will bring joy to the garden year round. Starting from now and throughout the rest of spring is when the leaves from the plant are best for harvesting to create a bright and flavoursome batch of tea. Our tea plant is delivered in a 2.5L pot that has been hand gift wrapped and can be accompanied by your choice of Mother’s Day card. 

Why not also send your mum our Tea Making Guide so she can have a go make her own fresh tea right at home.


Lavender Plant Gift


Fragrant Lavender Foliage

Lavender plants are fragrant evergreens that look lovely year round, they will arrive in a gift wrapped 2L pots and can grow in a decorative pot for their lifetime. Low maintenance and perfect for a novice gardener.

Mum deserves to relax on her special day and there's nothing more relaxing than the scent of our Lavender Plant Gift. This herbaceous evergreen is delivered hand gift wrapped in a 2L pot. This is the perfect gift if your mum doesn’t have a lot of outdoor space. Lavender plants stay compact and are slow growing so they won’t take up loads of time from her day with maintenance. They are particularly fragrant throughout the spring so Mother’s Day is one of the best times to gift the plant to mum.

Our lavender plants are also available in pairs so mum can have a matching set of Mini Stem Lavenders to gaze upon on her decking or patio.


Herb Garden Gift


herb garden gift

A gift that was made for a small garden, the three gift wrapped plants will look delightful sat upon the patio or near a back door for ease of use. They will become their most fragrant in the next 3-4 weeks.

If you want a bit more of an all-rounder gift when it comes to herbs? Consider sending mum one of our Herb Garden Gifts. It’s a set of mini stem rosemary, lavender and thyme. The plants have year-round harvesting and are ideal for a mum who’s into both cooking and aromatherapy. Right now, the plants will be starting to jump back into their growing season and will remain especially fragrant throughout the spring and summer months making it perfect to send this Mother’s Day.

Again this is a gift that is ideal for small gardens and outdoor spaces. The plants can remain growing in pots for their lifetime and make a great addition to patios and back garden where mum can nip out and grab herself some fresh, homegrown herbs.


Personalised Mothers Day Card

Mum Card for Mothers Day

Don’t forget to add a personalised greetings card to be included in your order. We have a selected of specially designed mothers day cards such as the Luxury Mum Card which can be personalised with your own unique message at no extra cost.

Tree2mydoor has been delivering Mothers Day plant gifts for over 10 years and we know the most popular plants for Mothers Day. Check out the rest of our range of Mothers Day Gifts and send a unique and meaningful gift that will be cherished for years to come.