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It's mid-autumn, the weather is cooling off ready for the winter but the trees haven’t lost their leaves just yet. If you’ve been looking for the perfect October Gift Ideas then look no further. The autumn displays on the trees below are some of the best. Annually, loved ones will receive a birthday treat in the form of vibrant red and orange leaves

October is also the time for harvest, fruit trees and berry bushes have their branches littered with fruits just waiting to be picked. Our gifts for October are perfect for people who love homegrown fruits and veg. Keep reading below and find the best gift for an October occasion.


October Birthday Gift Ideas


Braeburn Apple Tree Gift

Braeburn Apple Tree

Read about the Tree2mydoor Tree of the Month for October in our latest blog post. This month we chose the Braeburn Apple Tree. As one of the late-season apples, this is when the fruit will be ripening.

The fruit is one of the nations favourite eating apples. It possesses a crisp yet juicy texture with an abundance of sweet flavour in every mouthful. When it comes to the perfect October birthday gift, this is it. The annual batch of autumn apples is a gift that gives back every year.

Our Braeburn Apple is delivered in a lightweight plastic 10L pot that has been hand wrapped in a natural hessian bag. The tree can be planted this month, as it is grafted onto a dwarfing rootstock it’s the perfect size for small gardens and can even be grown in a large pot. Get one today and we can deliver directly to the recipient on their special day in October.


Sloe Bush Gift

Sloe Bush Gift

The Sloe Bush Gift is the ultimate gift for a friend that loves a tipple, especially for an occasion in October. When delivered, the tree is a small sapling but will cause a big impact. After a few years when the tree starts to mature, loved ones will start to see sloe berries grow and litter the branches.

The is definitely a birthday gift that keeps giving and annual batches of Sloe Berries will give the recipients years of joy. These can be harvested and used in the flavouring of Sloe Gin, Cider or even jam for those who fancy themselves as more of a cook.

Delivered in a purpose-made box, this little sapling really does make a big impact on delivery. At this time of year, it can be planted into a large pot where it can grow for a good few years before being planted out into the garden. The Sloe Bush is a native shrub that can be pruned to stay small. Watch out for the thorns though!


Wollemi Pine Tree Gift

Wollemi Pine Tree

The Wollemi Pine Tree is an infamous variety that looks stunning year-round. Distinct in both its appearance and history, the tree is from the Jurassic era and was thought to be extinct until rediscovered in an Australia gorge in 1994.

Wollemi Pines are evergreen and needles that adorn their branches year-round. As winter approaches, the buds start to develop a striking white waxy coating with red edges. This is one of the most unique trees we have available and it’s highly sought after so if you want one, you’ll have to get one fast. We deliver our trees in a lightweight 3L pot with an information gift pack.

We think they’re perfect for an October occasion as, when all the other trees are losing their leaves for autumn this one will still be looking spritely and green. We promise friends and family won’t be disappointed with one of these. Plus, with all the amazing lengths people are going to for sustainability now this is the perfect gift idea, planting just one Wollemi pine tree can offset 2% of a persons carbon footprint.


Conference Pear Tree Gift

Conference Pear Tree

October is the perfect time for late-season pear trees, one of those pears is the Conference Pear Tree. If you’ve got friends and family members with birthdays in October and they love homegrown fruit then this is the tree for them, with their bounty of crop they can whip up sweet baked treats.

The medium-sized pears will be ripe for the picking from mid to late-October. The soft white flesh is sweet in flavour and contained within a thick green-brown skin. Once plucked from the tree the fruit can either be eaten or will store well in a cool area where that will last all the way through to the new year! What a birthday treat to have, fresh pears on your birthday and for months after too.

Our Conference Pear is delivered in a gift-wrapped 10L pot, upon delivery the tree can be taken out of the box and placed in the garden to be enjoyed immediately. The tree is self-pollinating and easy to grow, it thrives in the UK climate and will enjoy a sunny location in the garden.


Bloodgood Japanese Maple Tree

Bloodgood Japanese Maple Tree

The Bloodgood Japanese Maple Tree had dark burgundy leaves year-round until it approaches autumn when the tree transforms into bright shades of ruby reds. It’s a definite favourite of ours here at Tree2mydoor.

This Acer variety has one of the best autumn displays which is ideal for people with October birthdays. Annually, around their birthday they will be met with a blaze of beautiful colours before the leaves fall ready for the winter. Each year they will look out at the tree and be reminded of both you and their special day.

The Bloodgood Acer Tree will be delivered in a gift-wrapped 3L pot and is perfect for small to medium-sized gardens. While it can grow to around 20ft in height, it is very slow-growing and is commonly used for bonsai. Once the tree is received it can be enjoyed from the get-go and placed in the garden straight away.


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