Twisted Trunk Trees

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We have had some twisted stem tree products on our website for quite some time now, and they are easily a very popular choice to send as a gift.

We think this modern take on a classic tree provides customers with the choice to be slightly more eccentric in their choices, rather than just going for a standard tree the can go for a modern ‘twist’. They make the perfect Eco Christmas gift idea!

Large Twisted Stem Bay
Making a twisted stem tree isn’t all that difficult, although we say leave it to the experts! When the trees are very young and supple they are twisted round small support and naturally as they grow around the support. Once the support is removed the tree will carry on to grow in the same way and this makes the tree a corkscrew.

The double corkscrew is two saplings planted very close together and ‘braided’ with one another in the early months of growth, this requires a slightly more of a watchful eye. However, after a while, the tree follows the braiding naturally.


Twisted Olive Tree

Tree2mydoor think that if you are looking for a more outstanding gift this Christmas, or something to really make your family and friends ‘wow’ it has to be a twisted trunk tree. They provide a double use, the tree’s like the twisted bay or twisted olive, are not only useful for the good looks and charm but can provide much entertainment in the kitchen. A Bay leaf is a popular staple in a lot of eastern dishes. The olive provides a Mediterranean staple as you all know!

We asked the tree2mydoor founder, Gareth why he first fell in love with the twisted stem trees:

"It must be 6 or 7 years ago now. (Wow, that makes me feel old!) The twisted stem Olives caught my eye because they looked really quirky and different compared to the usual standard olive trees with straight stems that you can buy from your local garden centre.

My favourite twisted stem tree has to be the Twisted Olive Tree Gifts, our Olive trees look great year round, the leaves are hardy and they look very stylish, particularly in pairs outside a front door.

Olive is traditionally the tree of peace which means it makes a lovely gift idea to friends and family. We firmly believe that the new additions to our twisted trees range will be a big hit with our customer base - especially over the next month for unique Eco Christmas gift ideas."

Buy a Large twisted Bay tree

Due to the popular demand of our twisted stem trees, Tree2mydoor have decided to introduce more to our range.

In time for Christmas, we will be launching some new twisted trunk trees including a double corkscrew bay tree and a pleated Holly tree. Both these new items will make perfect Eco Christmas gifts as they are fabulous looking plants and will definitely make a lasting impression on your chosen recipient.

These unique gifts are great to give for most special occasions, the corkscrew bay trees look fantastic in a pair either side of a door and the pleated holly makes a unique Christmas evergreen gift that will last all year round.

Twisted Stem Olive Tree

Take a look at our Twisted Stem Trees here.

We hope you are ready to twist and in time for Christmas! Share with us any pictures of your twisted stem trees on our Twitter and Facebook.

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