May 09 - Tree Of The Month – The Fig (Ficus carica)


Fig Tree - Ficus carica

Natural History: The fig genus is so large it includes over 800 species of evergreen and deciduous trees, shrubs and woody vines from all over the tropical and sub-tropical regions of the world. Also popular as a conservatory plant, a few species, including Fig carica (“Brown Turkey”), which was first cultivated in Britain in the early 16th Century, can be grown outside in cool-temperate gardens.

Medicinal Uses: The fig fruit is an excellent natural laxative; the latex from the fruits has been successfully used to treat warts on the skin and remedies made from the leaves can help lower cholesterol levels improve glucose uptake by the skeletal muscles.

Ancient Wisdom: Give a Fig if you want to send someone Good Luck or extra protection in the home. If you want to leave someone spellbound by your very presence, give them a fig (this only works if they actually like figs!)

A ripening Fig A ripening Fig

Fig Care & Tips: Grown against a warm, sunny wall or in a sheltered corner, you can expect your tree to fruit once a year.

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