March MyTree Story - Mini Olive Tree Gift

Our story for March is from our customer Jamie who bought his mum a beautiful Mini Olive Tree Gift as a unique mothers day gift. Keep reading to find out more about his MyTree Story...


Mothers Day Olive Tree Gift

Mothers Day was quickly approaching and Jamie realised that he needed to get his mum, Rachel, a gift. He wanted to get something that was a little different to other gifts available but was stumped for ideas. After having a quick search online he discovered our website and a had a lightbulb moment. His mum loves olives!

Mini Olive Tree Close UpJamie could not think of a better gift to get his mum than our Mini Olive Tree Gift.

Olive trees are a symbol of peace, friendship and love and make such wonderfully unique gifts for Mother’s day to show your mum just how special she really is. Jamie read a little more about the symbolism surrounding the olive tree and thought that it was the ideal sentimental gift that he knew his mum would cherish. Plus she could try and grow her own olives.

The compact size of the olive tree was perfect for their garden. They have 2 small dogs named Daisy and Poppy that love to run around and play in the garden so he didn’t want to send something too big that would take up lots of space.

Olive trees are great gift ideas for March occasions. Whether it’s to celebrate Mothers Day, a birthday or even a wedding anniversary. They are an evergreen variety meaning they have beautiful leaves year-round and in spring they will start to produce pretty white blossoms.

Jamie left it a little late in placing his order last year but made use of our premium nominated day delivery service and said it arrived right on time. His mum opened the box to find a gift-wrapped olive inside, she was delighted! Rachel loves the idea that she can keep the tree for many years to come, sort of like an everlasting mothers day gift.

March MyTree Mini Olive Tree

The Mini Olive Tree has since been repotted into a larger pot and looked after very well as it even managed to produce a few olives. One of their dogs kept trying to pinch the growing olives so they had to pick them quickly!

The family enjoy looking at the olive tree out in the garden and it reminds them of the special day. Jamie believes his mum should be spoiled every day but loved buying something that made mothers day just that little bit extra special last year. 

If you’re stuck for ideas to send your mum this year check out our full range of mothers day gifts. We have a fantastic collection of products that every mum, step mum or grandma is sure to love!