March MyTree Story | Jennie's Braeburn and Royal Gala Apple Trees

For our March MyTree Story, we spoke to one of our customers Jennie. Jennie loves to garden in her spare time and her daughter really wanted to join in and help out. She decided that she wanted her own set of trees that she could look after and nurture herself. Jennie ordered the trees back in March 2017 as her daughters 11th birthday was coming up very soon.


Jennie’s daughter decided that her favourite fruit was apples, so an apple tree gift it would be! They settled on ordering a Braeburn Apple Tree and a Royal Gala Apple Tree which are both very popular and wonderful eating apples.


Send an apple tree gift this March


Braeburn Apples on a BranchApple trees are a perfect gift to send in March as it’s not long until they will start coming into blossom. It’s a great time for planting too as the trees will be leaving their dormancy period and are ready to grow and burst to life throughout the spring. The perfect gift for someone who loves munching on apples.


Jennie has plants both trees out in large pots. As they have quite a shaded garden, they wanted to make sure the trees would get enough sun throughout the year by moving them around.


Both trees produced beautiful blossom in the spring and before they knew it small fruits started to appear on the branches. Jennie’s daughter spent the time looking after both trees, excited for when the apples would be ripe enough to eat.


Sure enough, around October time the Royal Gala tree had 7 ripe apples ready for the picking. Royal Gala ApplesJennie went to work that morning and by the time she was home, every single apple was gone. She turned to her daughter and asked if she had enjoyed her apples to then find out that a cheeky squirrel had come into the garden and stolen every single one while her daughter sat and watched through the window! Her daughter’s lovely response was “Oh well, that’s nature.”


Luckily, not all was lost! They managed to snag one of the juicy Braeburn’s instead which they said tasted absolutely delicious!


Now they wait patiently for the trees to fruit again this year. In the meantime, her daughter has decided to name the Royal Gala Tree “Lisa”.


Both trees are grown on an M26 rootstock. This keeps them at a manageable size of under 10ft (3m) making them a fantastic garden apple tree. If you know someone who loves eating apples then a Braeburn or Royal Gala Apple Tree is the perfect birthday gift for them. Just make sure they get to the juicy fruits before the squirrels do!


Jennie left us this lovely review on


“Tree arrived well packaged and in great condition. Buds are now opening for Spring. My 11 year old daughter loved it as her birthday present. We also bought the Braeburn to go with it. Five Stars!”