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 Tree2mydoor and Yusa team

Our friends at Yusa have been working extremely hard to bring a new eco-friendly energy drink to the UK market that is not only good for you but is amazing for the environment.

We wanted to introduce Yusa to you and tell you a little bit about what goes into growing and making this drink.

We even got to do a little taster session at Tree2 HQ and we can’t wait for the other flavours hit the market so everyone else can try it too!

Keep reading to find out more about the first UK guayusa based energy drink and just what this special little plant is doing for the environment.


Naturally good for you

Not many drinks can claim to be naturally good for you and naturally good for the environment but Yusa drinks are aiming to be more than just another drink.

Yusa is a plant-based energy drink and also the first drink in the UK to contain the leaf guayusa. Guayusa pronounced gwy-you-sa is a ‘super-tea-leaf’ grown in the upper Amazon basin of Ecuador, Peru and Colombia. The leaves come from the Ilex guayusa tree which can grow to an average of 10 metres and reach 25 metres at full maturity. The leaves are naturally high in caffeine and anti-oxidants, in fact, it’s the second most caffeinated plant in the world.


Leaf Image

 Guayusa leaf growing in Ecuador on the ilex guayusa tree 

Naturally good for the environment

Guayusa has to be shade grown due to it being sensitive to light, so its cultivation relies on having the canopy of the rainforest to protect the sapling trees. This is the reason why guayusa is responsible for over 1.3 million new trees being planted. These trees are grown on chakras, an indigenous agroforestry system which is characterized by a diversity of plants and trees where often more than 50 different species are grown together. Over 6600 hectares in Ecuador is now used for agroforestry and implement a sustainable management system. Remarkably guayusa It’s actually responsible for the largest reforestation project in Ecuador!


Young Guayusa Trees Growing Young guayusa trees being replanted on chakras in Ecuador

Yusa uses guayusa as the key ingredient in their brand-new energy drinks, adding only water plants and fruit juices to create an all natural alternative to unhealthy energy drinks and coffee. Their drinks are aimed at not only the health-conscious consumer but also the environmentally conscious, showing that sourcing naturally sustainable ingredients is the future.

We love to think how much this plant has helped the environment already and just how much it’s going to keep on helping in the future. The fact that it has also inspired a healthy version of the sugary energy drinks that are consumed every day is just another amazing aspect.


Yusa Drink Pouring Yusa drink ready for tasting

Yusa Taste Test Discussion Learning more about the amazing ingredients

Thumbs up for the Yusa Drink Tree2mydoor Approved!


We look forward to the rest of the flavours hitting the shelves as we’re sure you are too! Go check out their website and sign up for their mailing list to get the latest updates!

Yusa Drink 

 Yusa - Plant-based energy from the Guayusa Leaf