The 5 Best June Birthday Gift Ideas


The 5 Best June Birthday Gift Ideas

The 21st of June sees us at the start of the summer. Longer, sunnier days are in sight and the garden is looking lovelier than ever. Our choice of June Gifts has 5 of the top trees and plants that you should be sending this month.
Summer birthdays are the absolute perfect time for a tree or plant gift, especially one that is flourishing. If you have a friend or family member who has a birthday this month then our June Birthday Gift Ideas will be perfect for you.
With the flowering season just over, this plant is now in full leaf and small berries are developing on the branches. Delivered in a gift wrapped 3L pot, ideal for a small garden and easy to look after.
Blueberry Plant Gift
Our Blueberry Plant Gift is a plant rather than a tree, but it stands the test of time as Blueberry plants are extremely popular to send throughout June. 
The Blueberry is a super-fruit that can be munched straight from the branches or used in whipping up delicious sweet treats. Homemade blueberry muffins are on the cards with this heavy cropping blueberry bush. Perfect for an aspiring baker or someone who’s a bit of a health nut, especially if they love munching berries!
Delivery Tip: Small green berries will be forming on the branches. Get this delivered straight to the recipient all gift-wrapped as a fruity June gift.
Spring and Summer is the time for citrus, and what better way than growing a citrus tree yourself for an abundance of delicious fruit? The lemon tree is suitable for both indoor growth too in the UK, but it must be in a greenhouse, patio, or conservatory (not near central heating).
lemon tree gift

The lemon tree has brung many positives and help to the human race with its fruit being of amazing use to us. Having being used in a vast of different cultures over the globe, thus earning itself a wide range of symbolism. 

Lemon trees are believed to symbolise cleaning, freshness, healing, happiness and optimism, which is quite surprising to discover for a fruit so sour! 

Delivery tip: Lemon trees are dispatched with ripening fruits if available, arrives at a height between 55-65cm

The Star Magnolia Tree is a wonder to behold in your garden and wonderful to give to the 'star' in your life this June! The tree will be 50cm and can grow to a height of 6-8 ft, and the Magnolia prefer to be in a well protected area, as they can be subject to damage by the freezing weather, so a small greenhouse would be your best bet if you planted the magnolia outside, if it is potted then bring it indoors.


star magnolia tree gift

They say that the Magnolia is a symbol of dignity and purity. This meaning came from stories and myths surrounding the Magnolia flower’s origin, such as when you gift the magnolia to another person, the flower is going to let the other person know you are highly respectable and you feel a great amount of appreciation for everything this person has done for you.

Magnolia is also an icon of an individuals more feminine side in everyone, and therefore are a perfect gift for someone who is gentle, loving and caring, and summer time is a great time to send it! This star magnolia gift is for sure going to make that special someone feel appreciated and loved by you deeply.

Delivery tip: The tree will arrive in a 21cm pot and will love a good layer of mulch around the roots.
A perfect low maintenance, garden cherry tree. Full of leaves and ripening fruits are to be expected from June onward. Delivered in a 5L pot gift wrapped in a hessian bag.
Sunburst Cherries
Favoured for its easy-to-care-for size and yearly display of baby pink blossoms, the Amanogawa Cherry Tree Gift is the perfect Father's Day gift this year! Send bounties of cherries and an abundance of fragrance to the Father figure in your life. This tree will produce blossom in the Spring, and in Autumn the leaves will turn sunset orange.
Delivery Tip: A larger tree that can be delivered straight to the recipient and placed out in the garden straight away. We recommend planting the tree into the ground as soon as possible where it can grow happily throughout the summer and for many more years to come.
The Oak sapling is looking lovely and leafy. A sapling around 40-60cm tall, easy to look after but can grow very large. Best for early pot growing and planting out into a large garden or landscape in around 10 years.
Oak Tree Gift
According to the Celtic Tree Calendar, those born between the dates of 10th June - 7th July are ruled by the sign of the oak. The oak is known as the Father of the Woods, it stands strong with it’s imposing stature and root system. The sapling may be small now but it will grow into a mighty tree. 
 In June, the sapling is in full leaf and looking unquestionably delightful. Many people don’t know that they have their very own tree star sign so it makes for an interesting and unique birthday gift to receive.
Delivery Tip: Once the oak sapling is delivered, remove from the packaging and place outside. This is ready to be planted straight away and can be planted in a 10L pot.
For peoples whose birthdays that fall before the 10th June, their sign is the Hawthorn Tree Gift.
Read more about the Celtic Tree Calendar and find out more about your sign.
Have you received one of our tree or plant gifts? We’d love to see it! Drop us an email at with a photo and tell us a little bit about it.