The 5 Best June Birthday Gift Ideas

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The 5 Best June Birthday Gift Ideas

The 21st of June sees us at the start of the summer. Longer, sunnier days are in sight and the garden is looking lovelier than ever. Our choice of June Gifts has 5 of the top trees and plants that you should be sending this month.
Summer birthdays are the absolute perfect time for a tree or plant gift, especially one that is flourishing. If you have a friend or family member who has a birthday this month then our June Birthday Gift Ideas will be perfect for you.

June Birthday Gift Ideas

With the flowering season just over, this plant is now in full leaf and small berries are developing on the branches. Delivered in a gift wrapped 3L pot, ideal for a small garden and easy to look after.
Blueberry Plant Gift
Our Blueberry Plant Gift is a plant rather than a tree, but it stands the test of time as Blueberry plants are extremely popular to send throughout June. 
The Blueberry is a super-fruit that can be munched straight from the branches or used in whipping up delicious sweet treats. Homemade blueberry muffins are on the cards with this heavy cropping blueberry bush. Perfect for an aspiring baker or someone who’s a bit of a health nut, especially if they love munching berries!
Delivery Tip: Small green berries will be forming on the branches. Get this delivered straight to the recipient all gift-wrapped as a fruity June gift.
The perfect, compact Acer tree for a small to medium garden. Lovely orange foliage, currently in full leaf and looking glorious. Delivered in a gift wrapped 5L pot and very low maintenance.
Orange Dream Japanese Maple
The colours held within the leaves of the Orange Dream Japanese Maple will brighten up a garden in the best way possible for a June birthday. The delicate foliage starts vibrant green in the centre encased in an orange outer edge.
All throughout the month of June, the tree will shine with its own personality. Always finding a way to draw the eye right back to it. The compact growing habit makes this tree an ideal addition to a garden that is on the smaller side, as It can be grown in a container and be used to add a bright dash of colour to a patio.
A small bushy plant delivered in a 3L pot, currently in full leaf with ripening berries forming. Compact and perfect for UK gardens, arrives gift wrapped in a natural hessian bag.
Gooseberry Bush Gift
We would definitely recommend sending a Gooseberry Bush Gift for an occasion in June. They make for unique birthday gifts and we find that they are always very well received. June shows the gooseberry bush in all its glory full of leaves and ripening berries.
Gooseberry plants aren’t just popular for birthdays either, they prove time and time again to be amazing for Christening and new baby gifts. Don’t they say that babies are found under the gooseberry bush anyway?
The Invicta Gooseberry bush is perfect for garden growing, this variety is hardy and tolerant of the harsh UK weather and is so easy to look after. It’s a self-fertile plant meaning it isn’t necessary to have another plant in the garden to pollinate and as it’s a heavy cropper you’ll get more berries off this one than any other variety. The berries will ripen over a few weeks starting from mid-June to mid-July.
Delivery Tip: Once delivered the plant can be placed outside immediately, we recommend re-potting to a larger pot (6L) to accommodate for the summer growth.
A perfect low maintenance, garden cherry tree. Full of leaves and ripening fruits are to be expected from June onward. Delivered in a 10L pot gift wrapped in a hessian bag.
Sunburst Cherries
Sunny by name and sunny by nature! The Sunburst is a delight to have in the garden year round, but especially throughout the summer. The flowering season may be over but from June onward this has so much more to give. The cherries produced by this tree are large, sweet and deep red in colour. They will currently be ripening on the tree and will be ready for the picking next month.
If you’ve got friends and family that love both eating fresh cherries or transforming them into an array of delicious treats this is the tree you need to send to them on their birthday this month.
Delivery Tip: A larger tree that can be delivered straight to the recipient and placed out in the garden straight away. We recommend planting the tree into the ground as soon as possible where it can grow happily throughout the summer and for many more years to come.
The Oak sapling is looking lovely and leafy. A sapling around 40-60cm tall, easy to look after but can grow very large. Best for early pot growing and planting out into a large garden or landscape in around 10 years.
Oak Tree Gift
According to the Celtic Tree Calendar, those born between the dates of 10th June - 7th July are ruled by the sign of the oak. The oak is known as the Father of the Woods, it stands strong with it’s imposing stature and root system. The sapling may be small now but it will grow into a mighty tree. 
 In June, the sapling is in full leaf and looking unquestionably delightful. Many people don’t know that they have their very own tree star sign so it makes for an interesting and unique birthday gift to receive.
Delivery Tip: Once the oak sapling is delivered, remove from the packaging and place outside. This is ready to be planted straight away and can be planted in a 10L pot.
For peoples whose birthdays that fall before the 10th June, their sign is the Hawthorn Tree Gift.
Read more about the Celtic Tree Calendar and find out more about your sign.
Have you received one of our tree or plant gifts? We’d love to see it! Drop us an email at with a photo and tell us a little bit about it.

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