Gardening Jobs for June

The days are slowly getting longer and the sun is stretching far out into the evening. With all this warm weather it’s the perfect time to be getting out into the garden and getting some jobs done, even if it’s just to be outside.

Our June Care Guide is perfect for if you have just received one of our tree and plant gifts and you’re not that sure what to do with it. So even if you aren’t that gifted in the gardening department, our quick and simple guide of gardening jobs for June is here to help.


Native Tree Saplings in June

Native Tree Sapling in June

Looking gorgeous! Our native tree saplings are looking so lovely and leafy. They’re growing vigorously and are ready to be planted. If you have received one of our saplings as a gift this June then this is what you need to do:

Take out of the box straight away. After its travels, the sapling will need to be taken out of the box as soon as possible and put outside to enjoy some fresh air and sunlight.

Get ready for planting. Next, you will need to decide where you want to plant your tree, whether that is in a pot or out in the garden.

Planting in a container. Most saplings will do well in a container for up to 10 years before they need planting to their final location. Choose a pot large enough to accommodate the growth for the next couple of years, a 10L one will do just fine. Use a multipurpose compost to fill the pot, make a hole big enough for the rootball to slot into, once the tree is in. Firm down and water.

Planting in the garden. If you want to plant your sapling straight out into the garden be considerate of the type of tree and the size it will eventually grow to. Oak trees, for example, grow very large and are not suited to grow in small gardens. Once you have chosen your location, dig a hole big enough for the rootball to go into, place the tree into its new home and firm down.

Water, water, water. While we don’t want the soil to become waterlogged it is very important to water freshly planted trees until they become more established. Especially if they are growing in a pot. Check on your new tree every couple of days. If the first few inches of topsoil feel dry then it’s time for a drink! Make sure the soil stay moist but not wet.


Send a Native Tree Gift for an occasion in June, they are looking so lovely and leafy right now and are perfect for planting in a UK garden. Watch as the sapling grows and flourishes. Cherished for years to come.


Rose Bushes in June

Rose Bush in June

Looking glorious. Our rose bushes are also looking lovely and leafy and will be coming into bloom very soon if not already!

Unwrap and take outside. The rose should be removed from the box and put out in the garden straight away. As our roses are hardy and English grown they will not tolerate being kept indoors.

Get to planting. The rose bush can stay in its current pot for a little while but we recommend planting in a larger pot or in the ground to give it room to stretch its roots and grow. Check your particular variety to see where is best to plant yours.

Time for a good drink. Roses are thirsty plants, even more so in summer when they are putting all their energy into growing beautiful blooms. Check the plants every day or every couple of days and make sure the soil stays moist but not wet. Rose bushes do not like having wet feet.

Send a rose bush as a gift. If you have an occasion coming up in June that you think our Rose Bush Gifts would be perfect for then check out our collection. We have many different and wonderful varieties that are perfect for anniversaries, weddings and birthdays.


Regular Garden Maintenence in June

Mowing the Lawn. If there has been a spout of rain this summer then your lawn will be growing like crazy. Keep your lawn mower close to hand as you grass may need cutting up to once a week to keep it looking tidy and growing strong.

Keep on top of the weeding. Removing weeds regularly not only keeps your garden looking tidy but ensures that your other beloved plants aren’t fighting for important space, water and nutrients.

Hoe your beds and borders. Turning your soil and hoeing your beds and borders is another great way of keeping weeds down to a minimum.


Watering Trees and Plants in June

Conserve rainwater. Where water is concerned before you reach for the hose consider getting a water butt in your garden to conserve precious rainwater. Not only is it better for the plants but your doing your bit for the environment too.

Check your plants daily. With warmer days comes less rain and drier soils. Keep an eye on your plants and don’t let them dry out too much. The especially applies to recently planted trees that have not yet become established.

Water plants deeply. The best way to water plants throughout the summer is deeply and less frequently than you may think. Pay close attention to whether the soil actually needs watering as overwatering is one of the most common ways of killing plants.


Pruning Trees and Plants in June

Plum Trees with FruitPrune stoned fruit trees. The summer is the best time to start pruning your cherry trees and plum trees. The warm, dry weather makes them less susceptible to silver leaf fungus.

Deadhead repeat flowering roses. Remove heads of repeat flowering roses to promote another onset of flowering. Leave other rose bushes and deadhead later in the season


Thin your Fruit Trees

Thin fruit on congested branches. Fruit trees such as apples, plums and peaches will need their fruits thinning. A lot of their energy will be put into creating a large harvest of smaller, lesser quality fruits. Thinning congested branches will allow the tree to put more effort into bigger, better and more attractive fruits.


Potted Plants in June

Time for a good watering. Potted plants are more susceptible to drying out as they cannot draw water from a wider source. Check your pots daily and water deeply ensuring that the water is freely draining from the base of the pot. Make sure not to stand your pots in water.


Pests and Diseases

Check your trees and plants. Warmer, drier conditions leave trees and plant more susceptible to pests.

Watch out for powdery mildew. A common occurrence in summer can be powdery mildew which is a which fungus on the leaves of the plants. Potassium Bicarbonate is a safe and effective way of treating powdery mildew. It creates an alkaline environment that fungus finds very hard to grow in.


What to Plant in June?

Container grown trees and plants. Trees and plants that are grown in containers are great for planting at any time of year.


What to Harvest in March?

Evergreen herbs. Prune the flower heads from your lavender and rosemary to save and use in the kitchen or around the home for a natural air freshener.


Protecting Trees and Plants in the Summer

Watch out for sunburn. Just like us, plants can get a little sunburnt from time to time. Keep your eye on new plants and don’t let them get scorched. When watering your plants avoid getting water on the leaves as this can lead to sunburn too.


Feeding your Plants in June

Add a slow release fertiliser. Most plants should be fertilised when they are just starting to put out new growth in the spring so unless you think your plant could use a little pick me up you will not need to feed or fertilise at this time of year. If you do decide to give your plants some feed then use half the recommended amount.


What’s Looking Good in June?

Blueberry Bush with Fruit in June

While all trees and plants look beautiful in the summer here's our top pick for trees and plants in June.

June Tree of the Month. For our June Tree of the Month, we chose our Blueberry Plant gift, the plant is currently producing small ripening berries that will be ready for the picking very soon. A popular Father’s Day gift this is a fruity gift perfect for June.


Attract June Wildlife to the Garden

Build a wildlife garden. The air is buzzing with wildlife so it’s time to bring it to your garden. Plant pollinator-friendly trees and plants and attract bees and butterflies by the plenty.

Fill up the birdbath. Check the birdbath daily and fill it with fresh water for any thirsty birds that are passing through the garden. Sit back and watch as they cool off in the water.


Indoor Gardening tips for June

Citrus Tree next to a patio window

Move your citrus to the patio. If you’ve been enjoying your citrus trees in the conservatory it might be time they get some fresh air. If the weather permits and it’s warm enough, consider moving your citrus trees out into the garden for them to get some summer sun. If the weather looks like it’s going to chill bring them back indoors overnight.

House plants. Just like the trees and plants in the garden, your indoor plants should be pushing out loads of new growth. Make sure to place them near a nice bright window where they can get plenty of bright, filtered sunlight. Remember that some indoor plants prefer indirect sunlight through the window as their leaves can easily become burned.