Shiny Happy Customers... With Gorgeous Tree Gifts!

Today we want to talk about one of the most tremendous aspects of our unique living gifts!!

You may have noticed that we spend rather a lot of time banging on about how great our tree gifts look when they are delivered. We are very, very proud of our extra special gift wrapping and unique choice of gift cards, which really make our tree gifts stand out from the crowd.

And yet, if you were to ask our office why they think our trees and plants are some of the best gift ideas around, I guarantee everyone's answers would be the same. Because our gifts are so long lasting.

When you send a tree or plant gift through Tree2mydoor, you don't just get a beautiful gift and personalised service. You also gain the knowledge that your gift will be enjoyed for years, even decades, to come.

We've rounded up some of our favourite pictures from happy customers who are still enjoying their gifts long after they have been received. . .



The Golden Anniversary Rose Bush - Enjoyed For A Year and Counting!

This beautiful rose was sent by one of our lovely customers in June 2014, as a gift for a Golden Wedding Anniversary. A year later, the recipients sent her some pictures of the beautiful blooms they had cut from the plant. Here is what our happy customer had to say..

I ordered a gift of the above last June from you, that was delivered promptly and in good condition to the couple celebrating. You will be as happy as I was to receive the photo attached, the four yellow roses are blooms from the rose you kindly supplied and posted.
Thanking you for your your excellent service, and the blooms on this rose are beautiful.

Just look at the size of those flowers! The Golden Anniversary rose bush gift is a hybrid tea variety, which grow one perfect bloom on each stem. These roses are perfect for cut flowers, which means their beauty can be enjoyed indoors as well as out!


Golden wedding anniversary rose happy customer


The Lemon Tree Gift - Pleasing  Progress in Two Years

Our good old friend Mr Holden decided to treat himself to one of our gorgeous Lemon trees back in June 2013. When he sent us this fantastic picture, we were honestly gobsmacked at how much it had grown in a little over two years!

Our lovely lemon tree gifts are dispatched at around 3ft in height, so green-fingered Mr Holden has managed to triple the height of his lemon tree in this short amount of time! There must be something in the water around those parts....

Here's what Mr Holden had to say:

The tree came in a healthy condition and has remained so. I have given your address to lots of visitors who have also been impressed..."WHAT a Lemon tree in Scunthorpe?

How about that then! If you fancy sending a lemon tree gift to some lucky person (or even as a cheeky gift to yourself like Mr Holden), head here.

lemon tree gift


 The Silver Birch Tree Sapling - A Sapling No Longer In Just Three Years

Now I know it's difficult, but if you can drag your eyes away from that gorgeous dog, you might notice something else pretty amazing in the picture... the fabulous young tree in the foreground!

Back in February 2010, our lovely customer Terri bought a Silver Birch tree sapling as a gift to her parents Silver Wedding Anniversary. She contacted us three years with the following message:

This is the silver birch tree I bought from you for my parents Silver Wedding anniversary in Feb 2010 - look how well it's doing, it's over 6ft tall!

6ft tall eh! We dispatch our baby tree saplings at around 30cm, and its lovely to see one of them all grown up, with pride of place in the garden. Its been two years since Terri sent us this - we can only imagine how tall it is now!

If you think this sounds like a great gift why not find out a bit more about our silver birch tree gift over on the website? Did you know we also do a 25th Wedding Anniversary Gift Pack, which includes a silver birch sapling along with an engravable pewter plaque, so you can send a special message along with your sapling?

silver birch tree