Home-grown Lemons this Pancake Day!

We will be keeping this short and sweet, as pancakes do all the talking they need.

Will you be partaking in the Great British tradition of Pancakes? If so we would love to hear from you! All of our lucky customers who received a Lemon Tree for Christmas will you be harvesting a lemon or 2 for some natural lemon juice? It would be cheeky not too!

Or, do you have some amazingly creative ideas for pancakes this year? Or resident foodie Camille we are sure will come up with some amazing ideas!

Let us know all about your Pancake triumphs (or failures) on our Facebook or Twitter pages!

Home-grown Lemon Pancakes Natural Lemon Pancakes

If you don't have your very own lemon tree for this year, why not plan ahead and order yours today! Our lovely Lemon is perfect everytime!

Happy Eating!