Gifts for Plant Lovers

Posted by Ella Dooly on

With crazy plant ladies becoming the new crazy cat ladies we just knew its Tree2mydoor's time to shine. As lovers of all things trees and plants, we can't think of anything better to send a plant lover than a beautiful growing gift from our range of indoor plants. 

House plants bring life and colour to our homes and when it comes down to it, you probably have at least one or two green-thumbed people in your life.

Unique Growing Gifts for House Plant Lovers


Our ever popular Yucca Plant is one of our best sellers and it's easy to see why. This is a staple indoor plant to have in the home and loved ones will be over the moon when they open the door and unwrap this gorgeous specimen.



The African Milk Tree is one of our most unusual plants in the collections. Its large upright stems feature both thorny cactus-like spike and delicate, feathery leaves. This isn't just your next run of the mill average plant.


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