Gifts for Dads who have Everything (and say they want nothing)

Dads across the globe will receive the same gifts year after year. Whether it’s on Father’s Day, their birthday or Christmas, they’ll get socks and vests, mugs and bottle openers. The list is endless. But what if your dad already has everything he needs? We’re here to change gift giving so that no matter what you’ll be able to find amazing gifts for dads who have everything.

In this gift guide, you find the best gifts for dads who want nothing. Trees and plants are the perfect options to send to the person who already has everything as they are unique and will be cherished for years to come


Meaningful Gifts for the Dad who Wants Nothing

Your dad might not only seem to have everything already but if he’s like most he will insist he wants nothing for Father’s Day (but we know that’s just not true). Plus, Dads are important so we need to celebrate them in some way, don’t we?


A Blooming Beautiful Rose Bush



Rose bushes are on the smaller side of our gifts so won’t take up too much room in dads garden. They look amazing all the way through the summer months with both blooms and fragrance is to be expected from late June right through to August.

The top picks to send to dad are the Special Dad Rose Bush and the Dad Patio Rose. The special dad variety is a floribunda rose with fragrant red blooms, this one is perfect for planting in the ground so if dad has a little space in his garden this will be a great addition.

The Dad Patio Rose also has red blooms with a light fragrance, this one is better for growing in a pot so will sit right at home on a patio. Delivered in a 17cm pot, this rose bush will arrive in full gift wrap with a cute little designed dad tag.

Our flowering rose bushes are ideal if dad doesn’t have much outdoor space, they provide colour and fragrance all through the summer. Even if dad said he didn’t want anything, he’ll definitely want this.


A Mythical Olive Tree



Olive trees have long been a popular gift to send to dads on Father’s Day and many other special occasions. They are symbolic of peace and friendship and have been held in high esteem throughout history.

If your dad is garden proud then the Twisted Olive Tree Gift is more than perfect. The hand twisted stem is an imitable spiral shape that emits style and grace.

Even if dad’s garden is full to the brim, we’re sure he can always squeeze in another Mini Olive Tree Gift. Delivered in a 1.5L bowl style pot, this gorgeous mini tree won’t take up much space at all and will arrive gift wrapped right to dad’s doorstep.

If your dad really does have everything and his garden is full then opt for our Olive Bush Gift instead. This plant is compact and slow growing meaning it will fit the garden just right when planted in a pot and put out on dads decking or patio.

A Fruiting Bush or Plant



Once dad lays his eyes on our fruiting plants he’ll regret saying he didn’t want anything for Father’s Day. Unlike other traditional Father’s Day gifts, our fruit bushes give back year after year with bumper crops and harvests.

The top number 1 gift to send on Father’s Day is our Blueberry Plants Gift and it’s easy to see why. The fruits will arrive around July time, fresh for the picking and ready to eat. Paired with our fathers day greetings cards and it’s a gift made in heaven.

If your dad is less of a blueberry plant then consider one of our Gooseberry Plants instead.

A Delicious Apple Tree



We love that we have an apple tree for every type of dad, so even if he does have everything, you won’t be able to resist an apple tree that fits his personality perfectly.

For example, is your dad into his cider? Get him a Katy Apple Tree. This small fruity tree is a cider machine! Dad can try and make his own delicious homemade cider.

The James Grieves Apple Tree, on the other hand, produces fruits that are amazing to eat straight from the tree they are crisp and flavourful so if your dad is into his healthy eating then he will appreciate the large batches of apples every autumn (plus if your dads name is James then it’s a win, win situation).

Start dad off with his very own orchard in the garden this Father’s Day.


A UK Grown Native Tree



If your dad is strong and dependable then a native oak tree is the way to go. Our mighty Oak Tree Gift is a symbol of strength and wisdom and was known to the ancient Celts as the “Father of the Woods”. The oak sapling also makes up a part of our

If your dad is dependable but also likes to spend his time playing with flavours in the kitchen, take a chance on the Oak Truffle Tree Gift. Large in stature and abundant in its own riches. The roots from our truffle trees are inoculated with a special fungus allow the roots to start producing truffles in just a few years time.

Bear in mind that oak trees are large and in charge, they can be grown in a pot for the first decade of their life but should be moved to a much larger area after this time period where it can grow to its full height.

Why send a tree or plant gift for Father’s Day?

Trees and plants aren’t just fantastic gifts for dads who have everything, they’re so much than this. They create lasting memories and joy for years to come. What more could you want in a gift?

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