Diamond 60th Anniversary Gift Ideas

60th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

So, what do you buy the couple who have already been receiving 60 years worth of anniversary gifts? 
Good question! We think a tree or plant gift could be the answer.
In this 60th wedding anniversary gift guide, we have brought together diamond anniversary plants that are truly special. Fitting for such a momentous occasion.

Every 60th wedding anniversary gift idea that we have chosen is beautiful, long-lasting and low maintenance. Ideal for a retired couple who enjoy relaxing in the garden together, send to parents, grandparents or even your next-door neighbour. Let them know you’re thinking about them on their very special day.
Diamond 60th Anniversary Gifts that Grow

Diamond 60th Anniversary Rose Bush


Diamond 60th anniversary rose bush gift
The Diamond 60th Anniversary Rose Gift is the epitome of eternal love. It will stand the test of time just like the wondrous occasion it stands for. Stunning diamond white roses sparkle throughout the summer to enrich the garden with beauty and a light fragrance.
This is our most popular gift for celebrating a 60th wedding anniversary and it’s easy to see why. A simple gift steeped with love and meaning. Our diamond roses are delivered gift-wrapped to the recipient’s door so simply place your order, sit back and we’ll handle the rest.

Anniversary Tree Gift Pack 

From £58.00

anniversary tree gift pack
The Anniversary Tree Gift Pack is a natural way to mark an exceptional occasion. Our selections are fully hardy in the British climate, which makes them a beautiful and long-lasting ode to 60 years of marriage, without the maintenance of some other tree gifts.
This anniversary gift includes an incredible choice of tree sapling, from the mighty Rowan to the Crab Apple tree, also known as the 'Tree of Love'. You can even add your very own personal diamond anniversary message engraving on the pewter plaque. Recipients can mount the plaque next to the tree on the plinth provided as the perfect personalised diamond gift.

Star Magnolia Gift 

star magnolia tree gift
Our Star Magnolia, or as it’s known in Latin Magnolia Stellata, is a wonderful variety of flowering tree. Our varieties produce shimmering, white blossoms from a young age which means that you won't have to wait long to witness the Star Magnolia in its prime. 
The lightly scented blooms sit in contrast to the green, leafy foliage and as this variety of tree is fairly small, it is ideal for smaller gardens and even pot growth! 

Olive Tree Gifts

From £33.00
Olive tree gift
Diamond anniversaries are a really big deal. So it seems only fair that the gift that you give for the 60th anniversary should be a big deal too! Our Olive Tree Gifts are a hugely popular choice when it comes to anniversary presents, this is because they are easy to care for and are genuinely impressive trees when grown in outdoor spaces.
Evergreen by nature, our Olive trees produce tasty olives that are great for snacking or cooking with. The best part is that we have a great variety of Olive trees to choose from, we have 3 sizes of our traditional Olive trees, or we have the adorable Mini Olive if you're looking for something smaller, and we even have the mighty impressive Twisted Olive Tree if you want to go all out!

Kaffir Lime Tree Gift

If you’re looking for something a little different to celebrate a 60th wedding anniversary, we suggest our Kaffir Lime Tree. Available as a full-sized tree, or as a much smaller Mini Kaffir Lime Tree, these beautiful, aromatic trees produce limes that are famous for their role in many oriental and Thai dishes. 
Ideal for indoor growing, Kaffir Lime Trees produce glossy, dark green leaves that look beautiful in conservatories in winter and if the weather is warm enough, they will happily live on a patio in summer. A truly unique Diamond 60th-anniversary gift. 
For more 60th wedding anniversary presents you can head over to our main website and see our whole range of diamond anniversary gifts.