Fathers Day Garden Gifts

Fathers Day Garden Gifts

If you're still stuck looking for a Father’s Day gift, let us help. We have a seriously good selection of Fathers Day Garden Gifts are sure to make dad smile. Especially if he likes to spend time in the great outdoors (or just the back garden).

Why buy your Dad another tie when you could buy him a gift that really means something? All of our tree and plant gifts will last for years, adding beauty and colour to the garden, as well as sending a special message to your Dad on Father’s Day.


Gardening Gifts for Dad

We can deliver our garden gifts for fathers day right up until the day before the big day. Just make sure to get your order in on the Friday before at 11am. Don't forget to add a free Father’s Day card to your order for a personal message to your dear old Dad!


For the dads with patio gardens...

The Mini Olive Tree Gift

mini olive tree gift

If your dad is your best friend and you know you can rely on him no matter what then our Mini Olive Tree is the best garden gift for him. The olive tree is a symbol of peace and friendship and can live for thousands of years.

Send dad a piece of the Mediterranean that he can add to his own home. Ideal for smaller gardens and patios, this evergreen fathers day plant will bring life and colour to any outdoor space right throughout the year.

Even if dad isn’t much of a gardener, our olive trees are easy to look after so it won’t take up much time at all. When you place an order for a mini olive tree, our gardeners hand-select one and gift wrap it ready for delivery before Fathers day.


For dads with unusual gardens...

The Hazel Truffle Tree Gift

Hazel Truffle Tree Gift

Did you know you can grow truffles in your own back garden? If your dad knows his way around the garden and kitchen and is always looking for new and interesting flavours to experiment with then we think this will make the perfect gift.

The Hazel Truffle Tree Gift is a beautiful tree native to the UK that has had its roots inoculated with specialist fungi spores so that after a few years the tree will start producing its very own truffles. Yum!

Hazel trees can grow large to heights of 12m (40ft) so is better suited to large gardens and wooded areas, however, it can be grown in a pot in dads garden for the first few years as long as it is well fed and watered.


For dads with indoor gardens...

The Kaffir Lime Tree Gift

Kaffir Lime Tree Gift in hessian wrap

Our Kaffir Lime Tree Gift is a great gift idea for dads who love growing their own fruits and vegetables. Dad will be delighted when he can grow his own kaffir limes at home and use the leaves to create fragrant Thai dishes.

For a cook, there are not many trees that would be more useful, as citrus is an incredibly versatile ingredient that is part of a cooks regular kitchen arsenal.

The Kaffir Lime fruits and leaves are most popular for their use in Thai cooking, the flavours and aromas of the fresh leaves straight from the tree are unmatched. Once he’s done the cooking, a cheeky cocktail is on the cards as many cocktail recipes call for the flavours from the kaffir lime.

While our kaffir lime isn’t technically an outdoor garden tree in the UK, this is a way to bring the gardening into dad. Watch as it takes pride of place in the conservatory or well-lit hallway, cherished for years to come.


For dads with large gardens...

The Mighty Oak Tree Gift

Oak Tree Gift

Give a little gift with a lot of meaning this Father’s Day. The oak tree is considered sacred and symbolic many religions and cultures across the world but was held in particularly high esteem by the ancient Celts.

The oak tree, known as the 'Father of the Woods' was honoured for its large stature and longevity. Over the years it has become a symbol of constancy, knowledge and stability which really makes this the perfect Father’s Day gift for the garden. We also offer the oak tree in a Father’s Day Tree Gift Set.

Our Oak Tree Gift starts off small at around 30-50cm upon delivery, but they can grow for hundreds of years. They can ultimately reach heights of 115ft ( 35m), so make sure you have plenty of space for this gift. It can be grown in a pot for the first 10 years of planting but will need to be moved to a more suitable space after this time. See more father’s day trees on our website.

For dads with beautiful gardens...

The Special Dad Rose Bush Gift

Special Dad Rose Bush Gift

The name pretty much says it all with this one. Show your Dad how much he means to you by sending him a Special Dad Rose Bush Gift. The particular fathers day rose is a low maintenance hybrid tea variety and is perfect for any sized garden.

The hybrid tea rose is prized for it’s large and well-formed blooms on singular stems. It’s widely considered the archetypal rose. The rose bush will look beautiful in dads garden and each year from June onwards he can look out and enjoy the vibrant red blooms right throughout the summer.

All of our fathers day roses arrive gift wrapped by hand and are specially selected by our devoted gardeners before dispatch. A Father's Day gift that will never be forgotten as the blooms come back summer after summer.


Didn't find what you were looking for? We have a whole range of unique Father's Day Gifts that we think your dad is going to love. If you still can't decide, get in touch! Drop us an email at care@tree2mydoor.com with any questions and we will be happy to answer them.