Autumn came early: why trees are losing their leaves

Why are Trees Losing their Leaves?

Autumn seems to have come early this year, and some of our beloved living gifts are feeling the effects. Some of our tree saplings have started dropping their leaves already, meaning that they are entering into 'Autumn Mode' a couple of months early. The extreme weather conditions this summer have caused havoc for many plants and trees, with some succumbing to the heat and others losing their leaves prematurely. The extreme heatwaves have caused cases of drought for some trees and plants, meaning that in order to conserve moisture, tree saplings are shedding their leaves very early in an attempt to conserve moisture- creating the illusion of a 'False Autumn'. 

Autumn Aspen Tree

For tree saplings, losing their leaves early can be a death sentence. Without the protection of their leaves, they are vulnerable to cold weather and can easily catch a chill that will kill them off. That's why it's important to take extra care of your tree saplings during this time and make sure that they are protected from the cold.


Here are some tips on how to care for your tree saplings during this 'False Autumn':

  • Make sure they are getting enough water. Tree saplings need more water than mature trees, so make sure you give them a good soaking every week or so.
  • Wrap them up warm. If you live in an area where it gets cold at night, consider protecting your tree from harsh weather, this can be a direct frost, strong wind and in some cases flooding
  • Consider a quality compost to keep the soil rich in the necessary nutrients needed for your young trees

Autumn Aspen Leaves


The early onset of Autumn is an unfortunate symptom of our warming world, meaning that keeping our beloved trees and plants alive is more important than ever. Keeping our gardens alive is more important now than ever! For more information on how to keep your trees and plants alive In harsh weather conditions we have created a series of information blogs: 

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