Early Christmas Gifts Guide

Christmas is here again, can you believe it? It seems that just yesterday we were enjoying long summer days full of warm weather. Now the trees are bare, the decorations are up and it’s time to start wrapping.

Tree2mydoor is here to help you prepare and get your Christmas shopping organised early. We have some Early Christmas Gift Ideas we can deliver on a nominated day of your choice right up until the week before Christmas. 

In our Early Christmas Gift Guide, we have all kinds of trees, plants, and rose bushes to bring plenty of festive cheer. So whether you’re the sort of person who leaves everything last minute or likes to get everything ticked off your shopping list early, we’ll have the perfect gift for you.


Early Christmas Gift Ideas


The Orange Tree Gift

image of an Orange Tree Gift in Christmas Wrap

We all remember putting an orange in our stocking at Christmas, the feeling of magic, and anticipation. Why not give our Orange Tree Gift to friends and family this year?

This delightful evergreen tree happily lives indoors. It features glossy green leaves and can grow fruit and blossom in any season. The oranges are a pleasure to pick, juice, and squeeze for drinks and recipes - an especially refreshing treat for Christmas morning. Their vibrant colour and sweet-taste are superb in the middle of bleak winters. 

Order now and have it delivered before Christmas. 


Yuletide Camellia Gift

an image of a Yuletide Camellia Tree gift in Christmas Wrap


Our Yuletide Camellia is a superb Christmas gift. Unlike other plants it blooms in mid-winter, revealing bright red flowers during bleaker months. We have been keeping a close eye on our Camellias and we are happy to say they are now starting to bud. 

Make a loved one’s Christmas this year with this gorgeous living gift. Our Yuletide Camellia beautifully gift-wrapped and sent with a Christmas card - every detail has been thought of. 


Dwarf Pear Tree Gift

Conference Pear Tree

. . . and a partridge in a pear tree. Send a Dwarf Pear Tree Gift to a loved one this Christmas. Every spring this charming tree produces fragrant blossom for butterflies, birds, and bees. Pears begin to grow soon after and a ready to be picked in September and October. Their lush colour, sweet and mellow taste, and satisfying crunch are fulfilling for both stomach and mind. 

These homegrown pears can be poached in red wine and served alongside a cheese board and nibbles. Oh, and it is self-pollinating and full hardy in our terrible British weather, so looking after it is really easy.


Mini Potted Christmas Tree

Mini Christmas Tree with Lights

Our Mini Christmas Tree is sure to bring joy and festive cheer to friends and family who receive it. It happily fits on tables and window sills, so even those with the smallest of flats and houses can enjoy it. 

Remember Christmas is a beautiful time of year. We at Tree2mydoor pride ourselves on making it one to remember for many years to come. We know finding the perfect Christmas presents can be hard so if you need any other ideas to check out our stocking fillers and many more unique Christmas gifts on our website.

Make sure you watch our Facebook and Twitter pages as we will have some exciting competitions coming up - you will be able to win one of the gifts shown here. 


Merry Christmas!

Lots of Love,

The Tree2mydoor Team