Last Minute Christmas Gifts

The Christmas rush is coming and we are still all behind. In all the hustle and bustle someone is bound to be forgotten. Not to worry, Tree2mydoor is here to help with Last Minute Christmas Gifts that are living, lasting, and full of meaning; it will seem like you had it planned all along.   


Last Minute Christmas Gift Guide 

The Last Minute Lemon Tree Gift 

Image of a Christmas Lemon Tree Gift with Christmas wrap


Our Lemon Tree Gift has been a best-seller at Christmas year after year, and for good reason. This indoor evergreen can grow sweet-scented blossom and bright yellow lemons in any season and up to 4 times a year. Let loved ones add zest to their drinks and recipes this Christmas and for years to come, they simply won’t forget it!


The "Oil be home for Christmas" Olive Tree Gift


Give friends and family our Christmas Olive Tree Gift as a last-minute gift. This enduring symbol of peace and goodwill is the perfect sentiment for the occasion. 

Its slender trunk and silver-green leaves give it an ornamental appearance, ideal for patios and driveways. Fragrant, white blossom arrives every spring followed shortly after by olives that ripen in October. 

We also offer olive trees in different sizes, all available for last-minute delivery, feel free to have a look at the full range if this is not quite what you're looking for.


The Come Quick Kumquat Tree Gift

Kumquat Tree

Our Kumquat Tree Gift is the perfect gift for all people eccentric . It features a standard trunk and lush evergreen leaves. A sweet-scented blossom grows every spring and olive-sized kumquats follow soon after. 

Good news! The entire kumquat is edible, skin and fruit and all. This makes them great in salads and also for turning into jams and preserves. 


The Timely Twisted Bay Tree Gift

Image of a Christmas Twisted Bay Tree Gift with Christmas wrap

The Twisted Bay Tree is a last-minute gift disguised as a thoughtful, timeless one. This piece of the Mediterranean features an ornate twisted trunk topped with lush evergreen leaves. 

It's bay leaves look superb all-year-round and can be picked and put in recipes for an aromatic flavour. 

Our Bay Trees can be pot grown on a patio or driveway. It arrives gift-wrapped in a jute bag with a Christmas ribbon for an extra special touch. 

Friends and family will adore this living gift for years to come.


The Christmas Holly in a Hurry Plant

Image of a Christmas Holly Gift with Christmas wrap

No one will suspect our Christmas Holly Bush is a last-minute gift. In fact, they’ll cherish it for being a part of the occasion. 

This dainty shrub has gorgeous evergreen leaves all-year-round. A pristine white blossom grows every spring, releasing delicate fragrances and inviting butterflies, birds, and bees to the garden. Oh, and the bright red berries it grows are a lovely treat for inquisitive birds in autumn. 

This holly will make the perfect addition to friends and families patios and driveways over the festive season.


P.S Even if you have left it too late for a Christmas delivery, we provide a gift receipt with every order which can be found at the bottom of your order confirmation email. Pop it in a card so your loved one knows a special gift is on the way. 

We hope you and your family have a lovely Christmas!