Top Five Unusual Gifts for Valentines Day

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This year it’s time to shake things up a little. Out with the old school; heart-shaped boxes of chocolates and wilting bunches of service station flowers be gone! Hello to unusual valentines gifts that appeal to men as well as ladies; long lasting, environmentally friendly and above all desirable gifts are at your fingertips.

All of our flowers and trees arrive beautifully gift wrapped by hand high quality paper, and come with a free personalised gift card of your choice.


Send an Unusual Gift this Valentines Day



1) Love in a Bag


Send some Love in a Bag today

This little bag certainly has a lot going for it. Inside each one, you will find a mix of native British wildflower seeds, enough to cover 10sqm of soil. The bright red blooms will have the garden dancing in romance.

Corncockle is one of the rarest wildflowers in the UK. The blooms are beautifully delicate looking and vivid pink-purple in colour. Bright red field poppies are one of the best known and emotive flowers in the world, but did you know that they are also seen as the flower of love in Persian folklore? Continue this tradition and send your Valentine a Love in a Bag.


2) Hanky Panky Rose Bush Gift


Hanky Panky Rose Bush Gift

Roses are classically given as love tokens, but who says they have to be red? Our Hanky Panky Rose Bush Gift is a cheeky gift ideas that produces striking red and white painted blooms and unlike a bunch of cut flowers, these roses will last for decades. Mix the traditional with the unusual this Valentine's day and give a gift that is sure the make an impression this year.


3) Tulip Magnolia Tree Gift


Tulip Magnolia Tree Gift

If you are in the market for an unusual gift, you can’t go wrong with our Tulip Magnolia Tree GiftThis gorgeous flowering tree can bloom as early as February and will add life and colour to a bare winter garden. The Tulip Magnolia produce an abundance of purple pink blooms throughout the spring time and it like an everlasting bunch of tulips. What a lucky Valentine!


4) Absolutely Fabulous Rose Bush Gift


The stunning butter yellow blooms on our Absolutely Fabulous Rose Bush will really make an impression on your Valentine and let them know that you think they are absolutely fabulous! Floribunda roses bloom in abundance from late June to early September so your Valentines will have flowers all summer long making quite an impact on the garden. Let your Valentine know you think they're fabulous send an Absolutely Fabulous Rose Bush Gift.



5) Love Heart Shaped Bay Tree


Love Heart Shaped Bay Tree

Anyone who receives our Love Heart Shaped Bay Tree this Valentine's day will definitely be awarding some brownie points for originality! Bay trees have gorgeous fragrant leaves that can be used in cooking and as they are evergreen they keep their leaves year round for beautiful greenery in the garden.


Don't forget to enter our annual Valentines Day Poetry Competition, we want to hear your soppiest, most romantic Valentines themes poems. The winner will receive a £100 Treee2mydoor gift voucher. Find all the details on how to submit your poem here.


From everyone here at Tree2mydoor, we hope you have a lovely Valentines Day!



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