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December is a time for food, gifts and festive cheer with family and friends and choosing birthday gift this month can be hard especially when Christmas is just around the corner.

Our chosen December Tree of the Month for 2019 is our Scots Pine Tree Gift. It makes a wonderful Christmas or birthday gift to send this season and looks fabulous year-round with its stunning evergreen needles. 


Tree of the Month of December

Scots Pine Tree Sapling

The Scots Pine is often referred to as the “Sweetest of the Woods” and has charmed the hearts of many. Adored for its exquisite blue-tinged evergreen needles that grow in pairs along the short, side shooting branches.

We chose the Scots Pine as our December Tree of the Month for its natural, year-round beauty and popularity to send as a unique Christmas gift. Well known for it’s large yet narrow growth habit, this is a long-living native tree that has been known to survive for up to 700 years.

Scots Pine is one of the UK’s only native conifer trees and while it may look small, it has big plans to grow. Fully grown trees can sometimes reach heights 35m! We recommend planting your sapling in a large container to grow in the garden for 5-10 years before finding the perfect place to plant. This will be a welcome addition to the garden throughout the depths of the bare winter months.

In Celtic mythology, this evergreen conifer is a symbol of fertility making it a popular present for christenings, and new baby occasions. Celebrate the birth of a baby in December with our unique tree of the month.

Whatever the season, this tree keeps its stunning colour. Watch as the tree matures and its bark becomes like armour, grey-brown in colour. In May, flowers begin to grow in the form of clusters of yellow anthers. Shortly after it produces pine cones, attracting wildlife in many forms.

Scots Pine Tree Needles

UK native tree saplings are easy to care for, even over winter. As they are hardy to the UK climate they can be planted in a sheltered location while the roots establish themselves. Once this is done, they basically take care of themselves.

Want to know more Scots Pine Tree Information? Head over to our tree directory and find out everything from the natural history to the wildlife rating.

Our Scots Pine Tree is delivered as a sapling and gift-wrapped in a small hessian bag. Add a personalised greetings card to the order and our devoted gardeners will hand-select a tree ready for delivery. For more December Gift Ideas, head over to our gift guide.

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