December Tree of the Month 2018 | Holly Tree Sapling

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December is a time for food, gifts and festive cheer with family and friends and choosing birthday gift this month can be hard especially when Christmas is just around the corner.

The tree we’re celebrating through the month of December is our Holly Tree Sapling Gift. It makes a wonderful Christmas or birthday gift to send this season and looks fabulous year round.


Holly Tree Sapling Gift


Holly Tree LeavesThe emerald, spiky leaves and bright red berries of our Native Holly Trees are iconic over the festive period.


This gorgeous, little sapling is mega popular to send at Christmas and for birthdays in December as a long-lasting and unique gift for the person who has everything. The glossy leaves will offer an evergreen focus in the garden every winter time.


Holly is native to the UK it can be grown in a container or planted out in the garden. Once the tree has become more established, berries will form on female trees after 7 years and the sprigs of leaves from the branches can be pruned as used at festive as decoration around the home.


Holly BerriesThe sapling will arrive wrapped in a little bag and is delivered in a specially designed box. It stands around 40-60cm in height and as it’s an evergreen variety it’s sure to make an impact all year round, no matter the time or season.


Take a look at our Holly Tree Care Guide for the best advice and tips to nurture the sapling and watch it to grow into a lovely, strong specimen.


Want some more tree gifting ideas for December? We’ve just released our December monthly gift guide which has all the best trees and plants to send this month for any occasion. Why not also check out our Monthly Care Guide and see what needs to be done in the garden this month.

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