6 Eco-Friendly Christmas Gifts for Under £25

It’s no secret that Christmas is expensive. With the grand total of gifts, delivery, wrapping, food, and all the added extras we forget until the very last minute, it would be nice if Christmas was a little bit easier.

Tree2mydoor is here to help you celebrate Christmas on a budget. But don’t be fooled, budget doesn’t mean bad. In fact, our gifts are gorgeous and can even last a lifetime. Browse this selection of Christmas Gifts under £25 to put your mind at ease.


Find Unique Christmas Gifts for under £25


Scots Pine Sapling Gift


Scots Pine Sapling

The Scots Pine is cherished for its unusual twisting growth habit and deep green-blue needles. In Celtic mythology, it is known as the "Sweetest of the Woods".

Our Scots Pine Trees are grown in specialised nurseries under the supervision of experts. Once they are ready, they are carefully handpicked and beautifully gift-wrapped for delivery. 

This dainty tree can be pot grown or planted. Loved ones can watch it flourish and thrive for many more Christmases to come. 

The Pink Blueberry Plant


Pink Blueberry Plant Gift

If you want your gift to be remembered, give our Pink Blueberry Plant; this quirky gift has all the features of our Blueberry Plant, its fruit just has a bright pink colour. 

Every spring, lush leaves and fragrant blossom begin to grow. A bounty of fruit grows throughout the summer, ready for picking in August before the leaves take on a fiery red and orange colours. 

Cooks, bakers, and health lovers cherish these berries for their colour, taste, and antioxidants. They’ll be able to make cheesecakes, muffins, pancakes, and breakfast bars with these homegrown goods.

Normally Christmas is red, white, and green, let’s make this one pink!

The 'Love in a Bag' Gift


Love in a Bag Gift

Treat friends and family to The ‘Love in a Bag’ Gift this Christmas. The charming jute bag is filled to the brim with native wildflower seeds and sealed shut with a drawstring. 

This particular bag has 10g of red field poppy and pink corncockle seeds, enough to cover up to 10 square metres of ground. Simply sprinkle them in the soil and they will slowly grow into hardy flowers, livening up the garden with a riot of bright red colour and delicate fragrances for butterflies, birds, and bees. 

The Berry Box Gift


Berry Box Gift

The Berry Box Gift contains a delightful duo of delicious berry plants perfect for berry lovers. Inside there is a thornless Blackberry Plant and Loganberry Plant. 

Both plants grow green leaves and fragrant blossom in spring. The fruit grows throughout the summer and is ready to be picked from July to September for cooking, baking, and jam-making. 

Blackberries can have a sour flavour if picked early or a sweet taste if left to ripen. Loganberries are hybrids of blackberries and raspberries - they have a sharp, tart flavour and are best picked when they turn a deep purple.

This gift arrives gift-wrapped in a charming hessian bag. Please note, our nurseries cut back these berry plants in early winter to encourage better growth. 

The Holly Tree Sapling


Holly Tree Sapling Gift

Holly trees are enduring symbols of Christmas. Their spiky, evergreen leaves and iconic red berries are perfect for getting everyone into the spirit of things. 

This gift represents peace, rebirth, and goodwill, fitting sentiments for Christmas celebrations. It has an ornamental style, a slender trunk adorned with spiky green leaves, and can be planted or pot-grown. 

It arrives with a height of 20-40cm in a gorgeous hessian bag and can grow to 10m (33ft) if left untrimmed. Loved ones can watch it grow for many more Christmases to come. 

The Gooseberry Bush Gift


Gooseberry Bush Gift

Customers cherish our Gooseberry Bush Gift for the abundance of delicious berries it produces. Jam-makers and win-lovers alike love picking and preparing them every year. Nothing tastes better than homegrown. 

Fragrant blossom and light green leaves grow every spring, inviting butterflies, birds, and bees to the garden. The berries grow throughout the summer and ripen from July to August.

Our Gooseberry Bush is self-fertile and a heavy cropper, making this gift low maintenance, high reward. It arrives in a gift-wrapped 19cm (3L) pot and can be pot grown or planted. 

We hope you’ve enjoyed our gift guide and can see that just because you’re on a budget doesn’t mean you can’t get long-lasting, unique gifts for loved ones. If you want to check out the rest of our Christmas gifts then head over to our website.


Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!