Top 6 Christmas Gifts for Plant Lovers

We all know a plant fanatic: someone who fills their living spaces with jungles worth of greenery. Well, we thought we’d help you find them the perfect gift from our Christmas Gifts for Plant Lovers guide. 

These indoor evergreens have plenty of tropical beauty and make for the best green-housemates. Each and every one of them is living, lasting, and full of meaning, but they are all unique in their own way. Browse this guide and you’re sure to find the perfect unique Christmas gift for the plant person in your life.


Send Plant Gifts to Plant Lovers this Christmas


Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree Gift


Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree Gift
Our Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree is a firm favourite among our customers. It has a slender stem adorned with a riot of lush foliage. It offers style that is wild, contemporary, and tropical while happily cleaning the air of harmful toxins. 

This plant thrives in bright filtered sunlight and well-drained soil and love its leaves being misted and cleaned regularly. 

It arrives gift-wrapped 21cm pot with a height of 100cm (3ft), perfect for standing on the floor. 


Pineapple Plant Gift


Pineapple Plant Gift



Our Pineapple Plant is one of our most cheerful gifts. It features lush, lance-shaped and a decorative pineapple atop its main stem - its crowning jewel. 

For those that snore, this plant releases an enzyme to keep airways open and snoozing sounds to a minimum. 

This plant arrives in a gift-wrapped 15cm pot in a purpose-made box with a height of 55cm (1ft), perfect for placing on a table. 

Swiss Cheese Plant Gift


Swiss Cheese Plant Gift


Buy a Swiss Cheese Plant for any plant-enthusiast. Its holed and perforated leaves have iconic shapes, sure to turn interior spaces into urban jungles - for effortlessly tropical style, this really is an ideal gift. 

Like our other indoor plants, it cleans the air and reduces the risk of headaches, illness, and fatigue. 

It arrives in a purpose-made box with an 18cm gift wrapped pot, and the plant itself is around 65cm tall. 



Yucca Plant Gift


Yucca Plant Gift


Give a piece of the Mexican desert to a loved one with our hardy Yucca Plant. As a Native American symbol of protection, this plant is a pleasure to give and receive. 

Its appearance gives its plenty of character. It features a rough brown trunk topped with lush, sword-shaped leaves - as an evergreen, its leaves look resplendent all-year-round!

It arrives in a purpose-mad box in a 1L gift wrapped pot and the plant stands at a height of 60cm.


Rubber Plant Gift


Rubber Plant Gift


The natural sophistication of our Rubber Plant Gift will excite your friends with green thumbs. The intricate layers of glossy leaves are stacked up the stem and flourish year-round adding a unique charm to any room.

The Ficus robusta is an easy to care for plants and is a symbol of abundance and happiness, there’s no better sentiment to send to a loved one this Christmas.

Delivered in a gift wrapped 18cm pot, this plant stands approximately 65cm tall and will make a fabulous addition to the home.



Parlour Palm Gift


Parlour palm


The lush foliage of the Parlour Palm will delight your friends with green thumbs. The long, bushy fronds are fantastic for adding greenery to the home, softening the corner of a room with ease.

The Chamaedorea elegans is an easy to care for plant and the perfect living gift to send to a loved one this Christmas.

Delivered in a gift wrapped 18cm pot, this plant stands approximately 60cm tall and will add fabulous foliage to the home.


We hope this gift guide has given you plenty of green gift ideas for all our fellow plant people out there. We know that so many people would be delighted to receive an indoor plant gift this Christmas, so why not make their day even more special and send one?

Need a gift for someone with a garden? Check out our Christmas Gifts for garden lovers for more outdoor plant gift ideas. Here at Tree2mydoor, we great gifts for every type of person.

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