Damson Wine Recipe

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The Damson tree is a very special tree for me, it conjures up really early memories for me of picking damsons in my granddads garden... balanced precariously up a ladder, looking back at my grandad to check if I was safe (which I probably wasn’t haha), then getting back into the house with tonnes of freshly picked damsons to help my grandma make huge batches of damson jam and damson wine. Try out our Damson Wine Recipe and make the most of your Damson fruit this year.

Close up of a Damson Tree

How to Make Damson Wine

Damsons: Delicious for Wine Making

Today I was out in our garden and noticed that our Damsons are coming on quite strong at the moment, so I managed to snap a few photos of them and I thought it would be a great idea to feature an old recipe on how to make damson wine.

There is something great about homemade wine and damson wine in particular. It is actually really rather close to a grape and it’s not too difficult to make either. Obviously, it depends on what recipe you follow, but it can be really powerful, like rocket fuel if you are not careful.

Ingredients: Here’s what you will need to make some tasty Damson Wine of your very own.

- 3 lb Ripe Damsons
- 3 lb Granulated Sugar
- 1 Gallon Boiling Water (8 Pints)
- 1 tsp Wine Yeast
- Yeast Nutrient
- Pectic Enzyme

Directions: Make sure that you choose Damsons that are ripe – if they aren’t ripe it won’t be the best. You can even pick them to the point of them growing a tad mouldy – but not too mouldy.
- First, you need to Wash them thoroughly. After you have done this, place them in a large pan and pour in one gallon of cold water.
- Bring the water to the boil and then simmer until the Damsons become tender (not too squishy though).
- When they are ready, strain the Damsons through a muslin sheet into in large plastic bucket or container.
- At this point, you can add the sugar, yeast, nutrient and enzyme. Make sure that you stir well until this mixture is dissolved.
- When cool to the touch you can transfer it all to a fermentation jar.
- When finished, rack and allow the mixture to clear up before bottling.
- Your Damson Wine will be ready in six months, but many people like to leave it for a couple of years.

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