Trees of the Month - August Nectarines and Peach Trees

Trees of the month August


This month it was really tough choosing a ‘Tree of the Month’ because there are so many fruit trees producing wonderful fruit at this time of year, but we’ve decided to go for a nectarine tree / peach tree combo for ‘Tree of the Month August’ because we feel like they perhaps don’t quite get the coverage that it deserves, and it really is a wonderful tree.

The word Nectarine actually means "Sweet as Nectar" and the fruits that they produce are certainly that. Nectarine trees are in fact a rather close relative of the peach, but they have a slightly smoother skin. The taste is really quite similar the Nectarine is every bit as good.

Tree2mydoor Nectarines Lovely Scrummy Nectarines, you can grow some of your own!

Peach Trees are equally lovely tasting and a great tree for your garden. Both the Peach and the Nectarine are low in fat and high in fibre, so perfect for the health conscious, bust putting all of that aside, they are simply delicious.

Both the Nectarine Tree and the Peach Tree are great trees as gifts; Send a Nectarine Tree to a friend or family member and they will have a yearly crop of juicy fruit. And if you’re lucky, you will get to share in on the crop.


How to grow nectarine and peach trees


Like a lot of fruit trees, nectarine and peach trees prefer a south facing position so that they receive a good deal of sunlight. A good amount of sunlight is really needed to help grow the fruits themselves.

The Snow Queen Nectarine that we sell does require a slightly warmer position than a peach would. It is probably the best variety of Nectarine for home growing though; it has a wonderful creamy juicy flesh that is bursting with sweet flavour.

Both the nectarine and peach trees should be ready to pick in early August. You can store the fruit in a refrigerator, which will slow down the ripening process.