Important information on Ash trees - looking out for Ash dieback or Chalara fraxinea.

The ash tree disease has been well known now for quite a while, the government first acknowledged recognition of Ash dieback or Chalara fraxinea, in the UK in February of this year. Although it was found outside of the UK, in Poland, in 1992.

The ash tree disease causes a great loss of leaves and crown dieback, this usually leads to tree death. At tree2mydoor the Ash tree has always been a popular gift for new homes and welcoming new babies. The Ash Tree is renowned in British folklore for its protective and healing properties, particularly in child health. It is even said that newborn babies were given a spoonful of Ash tree sap to aid a healthy start in life.

In October of this year, scientists confirmed more cases had been discovered in the UK, established woodland in East Anglia were where the majority of the cases were discovered. Chalara fraxinea is being treated as a quarantine pest and it is under national emergency measures. This is why it is important that suspected cases of the disease are reported. The government is taking action by having hundreds of staff from agencies checking ash trees across the UK for signs of the disease. Plant health experts are also Picture cortesy of The Forestry Commisiontaking an urgent survey of sites which have received saplings from nurseries where Ash dieback has been found.

If you are worried about any ash trees in your area, or even in your garden there are a few things you should be doing. First of all head over to the Forestry Commission website they have a very useful video on spotting symptoms, a pictorial guide will help you spot more symptoms as well. They provide helplines for England, Wales and Scotland whom you should contact if you definitely think you have spotted a case of Chalara fraxinea.

Here at tree2mydoor, we have had a few enquiries about our Ash trees, and if we can still send them. All our ash trees are native to Britain, but unfortunately, we are unable to send them anyway in Britain as there is a complete ban on their movement, whether they are native to Britain or not. Tree2mydoor recommend a Rowan tree, it is a sapling like the Ash tree we sell, the tree will not grow to be as large as an Ash Tree could grow to. However the leaves are a similar shape and the tree is also known for its protective properties, it was thought that a keeping a branch from the Rowan tree in the home on Good Friday would counteract any negative energies and ward off evil forces. The Rowan is also known as the mountain ash.

We hope that the trees around your area are well and fighting fit if you have any worries about your tree you've received from us then please do not hesitate to contact our customer care team. For more information go to the Forestry Commission Website, alternatively, England and Wales can call 08459 33 55 77 (open 8am - 6pm every day) and Scotland can call 0131 314 6156 (9am - 5pm weekdays.)