Tree2mydoor New Website Relaunch

After over a year of hard work, we have a treat in store for all you Tree2mydoor fans: we’re launching our new website! We’ve dedicated lots of time and effort into providing you with a streamlined, contemporary, easy-to-use site to make your sustainable gift-giving extra easy.

We’re really proud of our new site and think it fits our customer’s needs whilst putting Tree2mydoor forward as an innovative company offering high-quality, unique tree gifts. We invite you to have a look around and see what changes we’ve made. While you’re looking around, here are a few of our favourite aspects of the new site that you shouldn’t miss:

Find a Tree Gift by Location

At Tree2mydoor, we have hundreds of fantastic tree and plant gifts for you to choose from. Knowing where you or your gift’s recipient will be placing the tree is a really useful way of searching for the perfect tree gift.

Simply scroll to the Find a Gift tab at the top of the screen and choose the appropriate location from the menu and within seconds, every tree or plant gift that would be perfect for your desired location is revealed to you! It really couldn’t be simpler; go ahead give it a try. You just might find something to fill that empty space in your lounge, on your doorstep, at the foot of your driveway…

Our Unique Gift Ranges

Okay, we’ll admit it, we’re nuts about trees, but we’re also passionate about other distinctive, sustainable gifts, too. Which is exactly why we’ve created a unique gift range — so you can find an equally sustainable and attractive gift to pair with your tree gift. From extraordinary foodie gifts for the gourmands in your life to riveting tree books for the bibliophiles, this section is all about helping you add a little more pizzazz to your purchase.

There’s also something new and really special in this range—a lasting way to preserve a loved one or a beloved pet’s memory. Go have a look; saying goodbye just got a lot more special and a lot more sustainable.

The New Website Hompage

Competitions, Discounts and Offers

We love engaging with our customers and enjoy every opportunity we have to share our love of trees with you, which is why we’ve made it dead easy for you to access information about our competitions, including our famed Valentine’s Day poetry contest, various discounts, giveaways and offers. Just click the Offers tab at the top of the page for a drop down men full of ways to get in touch and win fabulous Tree2mydoor prizes.

Eco Friendly Corporate Gifts

You may not know it, but Tree2mydoor has been climbing the corporate ladder for years. We’re very grateful to all our corporate friends and clients and wanted to make it easier for them to keep in touch with us. Under the Corporate tab in our menu bar, you can find more information about the outstanding companies we work with as well as steps for opening a corporate account with us. If you’re the head of a corporation and are interested in working with Tree2mydoor, contact us for information on CSR ideas, corporate gift, vouchers and employee incentives.

We’ve worked really hard on incorporating these changes into our website and hope that you find that they have improved our site and make it easier to use. As always, if there’s anything we can help you with or even if just want to say hello, feel free to give us a call or send us an email; we’ll be delighted to hear from you!