Buy Small Trees

Buy small trees for friends and family to celebrate a special occasion. Smaller trees make the perfect gift for people with limited outdoor space and are a lovely way to brighten up a decking or patio.

Choosing a Small Tree

They say good things come in small packages and our range of small trees is no different. Just because there’s limited space in the garden doesn’t mean we need to miss out.

Who wouldn't want a free supply of fruit for life? Our dwarfing fruit trees are grafted onto the small M27 rootstock which keeps them at a compact size without affecting the amount of crop they produce, the Falstaff Apple Tree is a particularly heavy cropper. You can find more information on rootstock sizing on our fruit tree sizing page.

Planting a native tree not only adds wonderful British character it’s also the most eco friendly choice and will benefit the rest of the garden greatly. Our smaller native varieties include the Rowan and Crab Apple Tree, they will grow to around 15-20m in height.

A Japanese Maple Tree will bring happiness for many seasons to come with its stunning autumn foliage that turns from greens and purples to vivid reds and oranges. The delicate, compact growing habit makes it a beautiful feature tree that will draw the eyes creating a vibrant focal point in the garden.

Trees make the most amazing alternative to all the other commercial gifts we’re used to sending. They’re long lasting and meaningful and let’s face it.. There’s always going to be room for one more tree.

We ship all of our trees on a premium next day service and they are hand packed and gift wrapped  on day of dispatch. Add a personalised greetings card to your order with your very own personal message.