Winter Trees

Winter can leaving us all feeling a bit bare. We’ve picked a range of winter trees so you know which ones will be looking their best over the cold months. Browse our range below.

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Seasonal Trees for Winter

Adding a splash of colour to your garden over Winter will make those grey days seem a little brighter. Evergreen trees such as the stylish eucalyptus gum tree are a popular choice as theyll have your garden looking gloriously green year round.

While keeping the garden looking good is important a citrus tree will bring some of that colour inside too. Add some mediterranean style to a bright porch or conservatory and youll feel like the sun is shining everyday.

The start of winter means Christmas isnt far off and nothing says tis the season like holly. If you want to add festivities to your garden the handsworth new silver tree is different from the usual holly bush and will produce stunning red berries. Looking for a last minute gift? The Christmas holly bush gift has been specially gift wrapped for the season and makes a unique interesting present.

Trees dont have to be covered in leaves to be pretty. Take our magnolia trees for example, it does lose its leaves but trees are made for decorating! Simply adding some fairy lights or decorations instantly breathes life into the bare branches. Magnolias are also the very first trees to burst into life when Spring comes around so youll have beautiful colour in your garden nice and early.

If you would like information on caring for your trees in Winter our blog has plenty of care guides available at the click of a mouse!