Red Lemon Tree Gift


3 Months Warranty

This Red Lemon Tree Gift comes with a 3 Months Warranty to make sure your recipient is completely happy.

The Red Lemon Tree Gift is a perfect delight, moving on from our Classic Tree2mydoor Lemon Tree gift. This Indoor Lemon Tree really will bring some sparkle to a gift, providing all the WOW factor you would expect. The giving of a gift is always so special, with the Red Lemon Tree the gift will be the centre of attention.

The Lemon Tree for sale would be a perfect gift for Anniversaries, Birthdays or Christmas. The red fruit will be amazing as an alternative in those festive Christmas nights to a normal lemon. Adding just a splash of Santas cheer. The Red Lemon is also the perfect gift for all those food loving people out there.

The Red Lemon Tree Gift is an evergreen wonder, the gorgeous fruit will start off as a beautiful green baby, then develop into a yellow then turn into the stunning Pink/Red. The glossy foliage provides an understated and elegant statement that is just perfect for any home.

  • Red Lemon Trees can have thorns on them so be careful.
  • The Lemon Trees for sale are evergreen.
  • Lemon Trees should be kept in a porch, conservatory or greenhouse where they can get plenty of natural light and ventilation.
  • Lemon Trees like to dry out completely before they are watered again.
  • Lemon Trees can go outdoors in the summer months providing they are in a sunny spot and will not get too much rain.
  • Our Indoor Lemon Trees fruit several times a year.
  • The Lemon Tree is approx 85cm/3ft tall and arrives in a pot.
  • We can not guarantee the Red Lemon Tree Gift will have fruit at the time of delivery.

Product Details


Dark Green, Yellow
Plant Type
Evergreen (green year round)
Leaves and Foliage
Ultimate Height
Miniature - up to 2m / 6ft 6in

Caring Information


Difficulty to Grow
Moderate - follow care rules
Grow in Pot?
Suitable for pot growing (lifetime)

Soil information

Best Soil?
Loam, Clay, Sand
Soil Moisture
Moist but well drained

Perfect Location

Sun Position
Sun Strength
Full Sun, Don't know the direction the garden is facing? Add the postcode to Google Maps and zoom in to find out.
Suitable for growing indoors

What's Included

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Greetings Card

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